Special Report  
"A Web Business Primer"

A Web Business Primer
by Neil Shearing

There are basically three models for starting a web-based business. Only two of which apply to the beginner who wants to start an Internet Business from scratch, the third being the big multi-nationals who throw huge amounts of money at a web site to supplement their global strategy because "they have to be on the Web!"

So what are the two basic models that apply to beginners?

Well, the first is to make money by selling something across the Internet (direct revenue). The second is to build a big Internet resource website which is popular and make money through advertising and sponsorship of your website (indirect revenue).

Which strategy you decide upon is up to you.

Both have been used successfully. I am writing this document for the Internet to create traffic to boost indirect revenue but I also sell the information as a home study course, so I am striking a balance between the two situations.

In the direct method of selling something on the Internet you need to take credit card orders securely online. This can easily be accomplished without a merchant account by using a third party.

You simply let the third party take the order and let them keep a small percentage of the sale.

For details, see… http://nomerchantacct.com/ (copy and paste to browser)

Selling products across the Internet can be very profitable, especially informational products that can be transmitted easily and cheaply across the Internet upon receipt of an order.

The problem lies in generating traffic for your website which will convert into sales. The indirect method of creating revenue by generating traffic requires you to give away something valuable for free.

Usually, the freebie takes the form of information or a free service, which are what most people are using the Internet for. By giving away information, such as these articles, or a service such as the ScamFreeZone Mail you generate traffic, and traffic on the Internet equals money.

With enough visitors you will be able to sell advertising space on your site and ads in your newsletter.

If you are also selling a product you will have a larger number of potential customers visiting your site.

So, the perfect mix, in my opinion, is not to take the first or second routes, but balance both. Try to create traffic to both boost your direct sales (the product you offer) and your indirect sales (ad revenue, newsletter ads etc).
This article was written by Neil Shearing in 2003. The basic approach is still relevant today. You can subscribe to his weekly eZine by  clicking   here to send a blank email to                                                         


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