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Welcome to 'Getting Started Reports'

 A preview of what to expect
           when Creating your own Web Presence

Thank you for visiting with us.

I wish we could be having this first conversation over a cup of coffee.
There's so much to talk about that it's a bit difficult to know exactly where to start. So, let's make this our beginning , and just talk... We'll probably have our cups refilled many, many times before we come to the end of our discussion.

Actually, there isn't really a definable end to our subject of 'Getting Started Creating Your Own Web Presence'.

We're going to talk about some things to expect when starting an internet business.
We're not going to start by re-inventing internet marketing, e-commerce, or anything like that and we are not presenting a course in website construction or a course for internet sales tricks.

There are already many outstanding top quality such programs by super successful marketers available for sale. Some of them can be obtained through this website. There are even outstanding top quality programs available at
no charge, particularly the Masters Courses by Dr. Ken Evoy, of
SiteSell It, that can also be obtained through this website.

We are going to present many articles and reports that will help you understand the importance of having a topic that you love; for which you have a passion... and why you need to find out how many other websites, newsletter, or ebooks already exist covering your topic. We'll mention some of the tools we used to determine which are good and not so good keywords, and how to select the best. Why, and even how to optimize for search engines, and much more.

Here, in very broad terms, are some of the major challenges and tasks awaiting you. This is by no means a complete list. Each of these can have many sub-tasks. However, first things first:

Select a topic that really excites you, (and you should know in advance that if you selected Internet Marketing, you picked one of the toughest fields to break into!)

Then find out who and how many others have the same interest; learn if they are also promoting it on the internet and how they're doing it. Create your website or newsletter, devise a memorable domain name and register it. Select a web host, Publish, Advertise, Build up your subscriber or visitor lists and Congratulate yourself for getting this far.

As involved as all of that is, and regardless of how much time you devote to it, even more daunting will be the time and effort you'll need to spend on testing and retesting what you have published -  and obtaining interested,
targeted visitors who will return again and again to your website or newsletter.

There were many tools (software programs) that we researched, evaluated and used. Some were easy to learn, some weren't. With a little effort, we were able to teach ourselves how to make them work for us.

The reports and articles that are in our Library all relate to subjects that you will need to address as your program develops.

We're going to share everything we have experienced in building the websites. We'll offer comments and our opinions on any topic with which we are familiar in response to email requests.

Ready for another cup?

It has been an exciting experience creating this website; much more than when we built other websites for clients and friends. During the past 7 or 8 years, we have read the advice and followed the methods recommended by dozens of the more successful internet marketers.

We have really learned a lot, and continue to read, evaluate and experiment so that we can be as current as possible.

At this point in our life travels,
we want to share as much as possible of what we have learned. That is the purpose, and focus of

For anyone just starting their own internet business journey, trying to create some extra income from their ideas and passions, or just wondering how to start,
be prepared to invest a lot of your time. Invest it and you will get results; don't, and you wont.

It is not impossible! We know of successful sites built and operated by 14 year olds, even some built and operated by older folks in their 80's, like us. Just be sure that you have a purpose when you start, and measure your success against it. will help you make the best use of whatever time you will be able to devote to your project, be it a website, electronic newsletter, blog, ebook or eZine.

Throughout this website, we have concentrated on pointing you toward
one or two approaches to every important 'Getting Started' task, hopefully saving some of your valuable time to spend on your website or information product development

We have attempted to suggest as many '
no-cost' or low cost solutions as we can honestly recommend. These are based on our own experience, review, and actual use.

You will probably have to invest some money. We have not been extravagant in purchasing our tools and resource material. So our suggestions, again based on experience, will definitely be directed toward the most economical choices balanced against high quality.

So again, Dear Visitor, welcome and thanks for joining with us. Our mission is to make your efforts more fruitful.

This has been a very long discussion. Thank you for reading along with us. Our future messages will point you toward many articles and tools that we feel should help you achieve your goals more quickly.

Helping turn Ideas into Rewarding Results

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