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   What's a Firewall?

"More About Firewalls And Trojan Horses"

What is a Firewall?

Hardware and/or software designed to keep unauthorized outsiders from tampering with a computer system or network. That system can be a standalone computer, a small LAN or a company-wide network or WAN with thousands of users.

 A Personal Firewall is a software firewall effective in protecting standalone computers and small networks..

How do Firewalls Work? They filter the information coming through your internet connection into your computer system or private network.

What is a Trojan? A large portion of the mischief and malice done to personal computers across the Internet is performed through  Remote Access  Trojan programs, or RATs. 

 Trojans are programs that contain a malicious payload. Frequently they appear to do something constructive or helpful. They might display a pretty animation or appear to be a utility of some sort (a famous Trojan of several years ago was an email client).

How do Trojans get on your computer?

You put them there; therefore, it is very important that you exercise caution in where you obtain software. Never take software from someone you meet in a chat room, for example. This is the #1 place where people get stuck with Trojans. Often people are tricked into thinking the program they are obtaining will do something for them, like help them play a game.

Many Trojans will do destructive things .

They do damage to your computer regardless of whether you are connected to the Internet or not
. The bottom line is that if a wicked person can get you to run his or her program, it is no longer your computer.

How can we be protected from viruses and Trojans?

Only you can protect yourself completely.
Putting too much faith in virus scanners, firewalls and other software only makes you less careful. Would you put on a 'bullet-proof' vest and then never worry about walking around where people were shooting? Always think it through.

These 5 basis steps can go a long way toward keeping you out of trouble:
1. Never, ever open anyone's personal floppies, CD's or memory sticks unless
scan them  first in your anti-virus program!
2. Be fearful of any email messages from addresses (senders) that
    you don't recognize.
3. Be wary of any programs you download from forums, etc.
4. Don't install bootlegged copies of someone else's software.
5. Keep your anti-virus program DAT files up to date.

Remember these key facts:

 1.  No firewall can protect you from Trojans.
 2.  If you run a program that is a Trojan, it will get on your system
       unless it is stopped by an anti-virus program
 and Firewall

Read about our experience in the RichardPresents Report "A Personal Virus Attack". Click here to learn how we recovered from an infectious virus that was hiding in our computer (and we didn't even know it until  friends told us that we had sent them an infected email).  
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According to Spybot, as of Feb. 06, 2009 there
were 287,524 viruses and growing with another
500 or so new ones discovered each month,

why take chances?

Don't Wait! If you haven't already installed an up to date anti-virus program and firewall, it really isn't safe to put it off any longer. Here are two sources that will help build your defenses - and they are both free.

 Anti-Virus, go to c|net download at

AVG Anti-Virus Free EditionAVG Free is the most popular free solution available at no cost to home users and provides the high level of detection capability that millions of users around the world trust to protect their computers.
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Sunbelt Personal Firewall
 Sunbelt Personal Firewall  CLICK HERE  or
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Sunbelt. You know that you  need a firewall, but firewalls need to
 give you 2-way  protection: incoming and outgoing...

 The built-in free firewall in Windows XP is nearly useless, since it is only one-way and gives you a false sense of security. The Sunbelt two-way firewall keeps hackers out and your private info inside, and has some very advanced features as well. 

 Being Aware is the first step toward being safe
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