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On Finding Woodcraft Supplies
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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"Now, where be the darn wood?" my grandfather used to scream almost every Monday.

He's an impassioned woodworker, you see, and he found an outlet for his creativity with wood as his preferred medium. He used to carve wooden planes that represented the fighter models used in World War II when he was an active serviceman for the US Air Force. The F4F Wildcat, the F64 Hellcat, the P-38 Lightning... name it, and he most probably has carved a miniature of the same.

Since he retired, he lived with us in North Dakota. This is when he took up woodcraft as a hobby. Woodcraft supplies were not a problem in our hometown. Lumber was always in abundance up there, and all that my grandfather needed to do was take a walk and pick up the materials he would need.

But then we moved to Detroit, where wood was not as readily accessible. I remember how my grandfather was furious about the mere prospect of leaving our hometown, all because he would be sacrificing a great aspect of his passion. The first few years in the Motor City were quite difficult for him. He used to spend most of his retirement income to have his woodcraft supplies shipped from North Dakota. "Loyalty," was his reply whenever we asked why he wouldn't order from nearby states instead.

Essential for any woodwork enthusiasts are woodcraft supplies. There's only so much paint, blades, nails, glue and (most important of all) wood that you could keep in stock until you'd exhaust them all with the variety of projects you will undertake. Soon enough, you'd have to restock on your woodcraft supplies.

This could be a problem when you're living in a highly urbanized area, as my grandfather experienced firsthand when we moved to Detroit. During our first few weeks, he searched far and wide for a woodcraft store from where he could garner some supplies on a regular basis. He didn't find any, and he had to resort to ordering from our hometown to fuel his hobby.

Should this dissuade you from woodcraft, however?

Most definitely not.

My grandfather eventually found a supply store in Detroit, and he was able to save a lot of his retirement income since then. How did he find one? Well, he joined a local club of people sharing the same interest, and he was referred to a member who was providing the materials that are needed for the trade. The supplier wasn't maintaining a store, but he did provide for the needs of his fellow enthusiasts.

My grandfather wouldn't have discovered him if he didn't join the club, which brings me to my point.

Finding supplies for your woodwork passion can be easy, or it can be difficult. But it is never impossible. With the popularity of woodcraft in this day and age, a lot of people are surely into the hobby, regardless of geography, regardless of culture. Surely, these people gather their supplies from somewhere, and it's just a matter of meeting their acquaintance and tapping into their source.

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