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Things To Get On Your First Visit To A Woodcraft Shop
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Your first visit to the woodcraft shop should be something special - as well as an experience critical to your initial foray to this hobby. You would want to acquire the basic tools and materials you will need to embark on some projects that would help you learn the tricks and tactics of the passion.

But what are these tools and materials you should procure from the woodcraft shop? Here is a list of the essential purchases you must make.

* Tape measure. A tape measure is preferred over a ruler or a measuring stick because it will allow you to calculate measurements over bends and corners. A tape measure is a more versatile investment for you.

* Saw. You'd need a sturdy saw to cut through large pieces of lumber into the workable shapes and sizes you'd need them to be.

* Cutters and knives. You'd need sharp tools to carve smaller corners and more intricate patterns. A saw would be too big for such a purpose.

* Hammer and some nails, and/or specially made wood glue for smaller projects. Wood is a great medium to work with because attaching various components is made easy with nails or glue.

* Router. A router is a power tool that would allow you to furrow into the wood to comply with the design you are following.

* Drill. A drill is another power tool that would enable you to create some holes on the materials for a variety of purposes, whether they be ornamental or functional for the overall design.

* Scroll saw. Naturally, you wouldn't want mere blocks or rectangular edges to dominate your creations. You'd want finer, more refined edges to give your works a touch of elegance and style. A scroll saw is a fine-toothed power saw that would enable you to create curved outlines for your projects. It's a popular purchase in any woodcraft shop.

* Wood. The type of lumber, its diameters and its quantity would depend on the woodcraft plans you have in mind. Hence, it is very important to come up with a concept you wish to pursue before visiting the woodcraft shop.

Purchasing power tools would likewise depend on the project you have in mind. Nonetheless, the ones we have enumerated above are easy to use and are quite accessible even for beginners to the hobby. Buying them is a decision you have to make for yourself. The manual tools would suffice, but the power tools will most certainly make your life easier.

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