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Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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To define woodcraft as mere products of carpentry skills would be quite restrictive. The fact is, the term is widely encompassing, including in its reach a great breadth of functionality and art. Indeed, there are many kinds of woodcraft that deserve our attention. The form has commanded the interests of a lot of enthusiasts, and rightfully so, as it demands a mixture of creativity, manual dexterity and commitment to come up with something that is truly rewarding and fulfilling.

Woodcraft does include functional enterprises like general carpentry, furniture-making and the likes. A lot of useful things are made of wood, after all, and it takes a certain degree of skills to transform them from mere thoughts to actual objects that a lot of people can use for many, many years.

Woodcraft also includes ornamental art like sculptures, canvasses, frames and other similar works. Working with wood is a completely different medium compared to stone, porcelain, metal and acrylic. Shaping wood requires a different skill set. Painting on wood also necessitates special training for the same.

For these reasons, the craft takes on an entirely different identity of its own. The fact that it is one of the oldest and most beloved art forms in existence further makes this venture extraordinarily unique. People have learned to carve wood before they even learned how to carve rocks. From chopping wood to keep their fires burning, they learned how to develop a variety of useful and aesthetic creations from the lumber they have collected. Paul Bunyan is probably the embodiment of this esthetic trade in American folklore, which was born from the early settlers' love for woodworks.

Wood works abound even in the modern world. Just take a look around you... right now... wherever you may be. Your computer table may be made out of wood. The floor you're stepping on, the roof that provides you shelter, the walls that are elegant in their design, your cabinet which is housing your clothes... these are all products of the craft. We may have taken them for granted before, but their creation requires a lot of skills, and often, a lot of years to perfect those skills.

If you're interested in working with wood, now is a great time to start. There has been a renewed interest on the art since the turn of the new millennium, and today, a lot of people are engaged in this passion. The sheer satisfaction the medium provides, they claim, is very much worth the time you will invest on the same.

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