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How Do You Feel About PopUps?

 "What's your opinion about PopUps?"

 Here's ours:

They are annoying most of the time, especially those that appear each time we open a new browser window.

Consider your opening page for Netscape, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, etc. Fortunately, most of these opening-page-popups can be deleted with a mouse click on the X box, or on the "NO THANKS" block provided by many of the more considerate advertisers.

But, advertisers love them and they aren't about to go away because they cost so little. They are often overdone.. and it's overkill when two, three and sometimes even more appear, one right after the other, or all at once.

         The absolutely most annoying are those
                          that keep popping up.

Each time you delete one - there's another, and another, etc. This gets so bad at times that the only way to stop them is to turn off your computer.

Makes you wonder how advertisers that use this technique can ever hope to sell their products or services... products which are mostly sleazy, scammy and often adult oriented?

 However, even the most ethical and well
         established brand name advertisers continue
         to use Pop Up ads.

The popups that appear after you leave a web page are usually the least annoying because they are not so intrusive, unless they drop out of the top of your browser window, slide in from the side and flash, jiggle or shake.

Usually, one click of your mouse takes care of them.

In addition to 'Entry Pops', and 'Exit Pops', we have witnessed 'Any Time Pops' that just seem to appear our of nowhere.  They intrude the same way that commercial messages intrude when watching a favorite TV program.

And Yes, those TV ads can be turned off with a click on your Remote
Mute or Channel Changer buttons. There is a difference here, though. Those commercial TV ads usually interrupt your program and you must wait until they are finished before resuming your viewing pleasure.

Whereas, Popups only distract but do not delay the display of the webpage you were viewing.

We don't condemn advertisers for using PopUp promotions. Our economy is based on an active and successful Buyers and Sellers model. It often seems as if everyone is 'selling' something, and certainly, we all 'buy' things regularly. Competition for our purchasing dollar is very keen.

Sellers can't sell unless they advertise.

Good honest advertisements help all of us make sound purchasing decisions. The internet has literally millions of viewers. Popup Advertising is one of the least expensive ways to reach the multitudes. Therefore...

        "PopUps Are Not About To Go Away!"

It's of interest to note that advertisers have a lot of control over how they present their popups on your computer monitor.

They can program them by using Cookies
so that a particular message appears only once during a viewing session on your computer, or twice, or once a month, or never again if you respond to their advertisement by placing an order, subscribing to a news-letter, clicking to another web page, etc......

There are Popup Blocker programs and Cookie Killer programs and nearly all web browsers have an option to block cookies. But forbidding them to be used when you are browsing often impairs your full use of the sites you are visiting and could cause you to miss some valuable information, money saving sales, or important Event announcements.
So you do have  choices:

          Do Not Allow Cookies or Popups (reducing the effectiveness
        of your internet browsing)

        Allow Cookies and Popups (they will not damage your
        computer and they will make you web browsing less tedious)

                                                    the RP Staff

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