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Finding A Spyware Program Right For You
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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There are many symptoms to it. A slowing of your computer, a vast number of pop ups and the inability to go to the website that you type in without being sidetracked to another website, often the same site over and over again. These are all symptoms of spyware infection.

If you believe that your computer has been infected with spyware, it is time to give serious consideration to a spyware program. This is to say, software that eliminates spyware from your system, and preventing further incursions at a later date. There are numerous programs available on the market. Yet all programs are not alike. Some of the software that you may run across is almost as bad as the spyware itself, as hefty, false claims are made.

These bad forms of a spyware program are called rogue anti-spyware products. One of their habits is to offer you a free check of your computer system and then outright lie by saying that you're infected with, say, fifty different forms of spyware. While it may be true that you have one or two such programs on your system, sometimes your computer will be absolutely clean and yet you'll be pushed into buying software that you don't need. There are websites available detailing these cowboy products.

The following discusses a few of the more reputable programs available. Microsoft makes an anti-spyware system that is free online. In addition to the spyware program, you can educate yourself further with a free tutorial about this subject. Another fine software is Spybot 1.4 (and continually being upgraded). A small tutorial is available online along with this software to help you properly install it.

Other programs of note include Ad-Aware SE Personal, also to be found for free online at lavasoft; Webroot's Spysweeper, CounterSpy by Sunbelt, and the Ewido Security Suite. Some of these latter programs offer both a free version and one that must be paid for. When in doubt, pay for it, as you'll get a stronger program.

As a final bit of advice, while more is often better, in terms of anti-spyware programs, the opposite is true. Utilizing more than one program can be detrimental or simply useless. This is not unlike anti-virus programs, which, as many are aware, when using more than one program, the programs will read each other as having viruses and so waste time that could be better spent on the real problem.

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