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Spyware Detection Is The Beginning Of Protection
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Today spyware and adware attracts us at nearly every turn of the internet highway. This comes in the form of reputedly free programs that will "help you" in one way or another. Sadly, these forms of software are more pernicious than helpful, as they advertise themselves to be. The understanding of spyware detection is a necessary first step before the elimination of this software can be had.

Spyware detection is symptomatic, in that very specific occurrences happen to your computer if you are infected. Yes, infected. Normally people only use this term for computer viruses or worms, but the fact is that the world is expanding, as are the types of attacks on your computer.

Basic spyware infection begins to show in numerous ways. One of these is the increase of incessant pop-ups. This is generally true as you're surfing the net, and has little difference as to where on the net you are, including scholarly sites such as Project Gutenberg (because the infection is, after all, not with the website, but with your computer). While only irritating at first, in time these pop ups can present a great loss of time.

Another symptom towards spyware detection is that your computer will begin to run much more slowly than previously. This is for a few reasons. First, your computer memory now has a parasite attached to it which is taking up valuable memory space. As well, because your computer now must also (unknown to you, for a while at least) run an additional program (or more than one spyware program in some cases). This is equivalent to having more than one internet server window open at a time.

A final symptom, of the lesser malevolent symptoms, is that your server itself will not function properly. This is particularly true with Explorer's internet server as it's so widespread, and therefore a target for the people who create malware. The best thing to do if any of these symptoms occur is to get a computer expert to help you install the proper software to eliminate such problems.

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