A Journey on the Cancer Trail

     So much that we learn about ourselves during those nights when thoughts overwhelm and impose on the sleep we crave –
     yes, we have cancer, yes, we know what is coming someday maybe sooner than we expected but maybe not–
      yes, we re-live so many life experiences both sweet and some not so sweet –
     but  we will make the most of what still awaits us, and appreciate the skill of our surgeons, doctors and nurses, and the support and prayers from our family and amazing friends who have quietly been there for us for so long –
     and vow that we will do whatever we can to help, console, and support everyone that we will ever meet, or get to know, in their journey along the cancer trail –
     even if we can do no more than pray for their comfort and peace. 

     Our prayers go forth to you and yours.

Sep 5, 2011  © Richard Rossbauer