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A Tie In Between Child Obesity and Fast Food
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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There appears to be a direct tie in between child obesity and fast food. Studies have been conducted that point to the fact that too many children, of all ages, consume too much sugar, carbs and fats when they eat out at fast food restaurants. It does not matter if the restaurant in question is one of the big name branches or simply the local burger joint. The fare is not healthy and research continues to prove this. Studies have determined that children aged four to nineteen eat at fast food restaurants regularly enough that they pack on an extra almost two hundred calories each time they eat there. This translates into a minimum increase of six pounds gained per year. This definitely enhances the risk of obese children.

The draw for children to eat fast food is different than that of adults. The average adults grabs something at a fast food restaurant because they are feeling too lazy to cook that day, are running between things and have not got the time to stop for a proper meal, or have the chance to meet a friend, but only for a quick bite. Fast food restaurants fill this adult need. For kids it is different. Although they do enjoy the taste of fast food burgers, fries etc. they also like what they see in the commercials that promote those kinds of restaurants. The little ones know that they can buy, or be given, an assortment of toys that reflect the latest trends in movies and television shows. This brings them into the fast food restaurants by the thousands. Older kids look at them as places to hang out with their friends. That too is a big draw.

Obesity research is showing the youth of today that eating right is better than eating fast. The tie in between child obesity and fast food has prompted many schools to change the kind of foods they are offering in their cafeterias. Soft drinks and greasy foods are being pulled out; snack machine content is being changed. The country is waking up and caring about the weight of our children.

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