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How To Implement Child Obesity Prevention In Your Home
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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With more and more children suffering from obesity, it is important for parents and caregivers to takes steps that will promote a healthy lifestyle for their kids. Here are some tips on how to implement effective child obesity prevention methods that will help your child to grow up healthy and happy.

First, clear the kitchen of all types of processed sweets. Having candy, cookies, chocolate, and sodas readily available makes it easier for your child to overindulge between meals. Much of child obesity prevention begins with keeping the right foods around. Keep fresh fruit, yogurt, and low calorie fruit juices on hand to handle those in between meal cravings, as well as for snacks while watching television.

Next, serve balanced meals. Child obesity prevention requires good nutrition. As much as possible, limit the use of fried foods from mealtimes. Go with lean meats, and make it a point to broil the meat entrees rather than fry them or serve them with thick gravy. Limit the number of starches served at the meal to one, and fill in the difference with plenty of other vegetables, especially green ones. Providing meals that are well balanced and visually appealing make it easier to enjoy the meal and feel satisfied afterward. Also, try fixing the plates at the kitchen counter and then taking them to the table. Providing a proper amount of food that is balanced can be an effective form of child obesity prevention. Do yourself and your child a favor, and resist the temptation to serve just a little bit more.

Third, get your child outside and active. Television, video games, and computers may entertain and challenge the mind, but they are no substitutes to fresh air and exercise. To engage in child obesity prevention means to keep your children physically active. Encourage your child to make good use of the back yard. If possible, allow your child to ride his or her bike. During the summer months, invest in a pool for the kids, or arrange with other parents to take turns chaperoning a group of kids at a local community swimming pool.

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