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Some Examples of Child Obesity Causes
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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There are several factors that contribute to the current epidemic of childhood obesity. Here are some examples of child obesity causes that can be addressed and managed with a little love, common sense, and support.

One of the most obvious child obesity causes is that the child has access to all the wrong foods. Sodas, supersized fast food meals, sweets, and other snacks that are loaded with fat and carbohydrates are too readily available in our society. Realizing that this vast range of foods is marketed to be attractive can help the parents to see all these things with the sense of wonder that a child engages when a commercial for hamburgers and fries flashes across the television set. With more families relying on fast food to grab a quick bite, the chance for overweight children and adults increases dramatically.

Second, sometimes it is not only what one eats, but how much one consumes that creates a weight problem. Child obesity causes have to do with the portions that a child consumes at each sitting. Loading down the dinner plate and encouraging the child to eat every bite is often the root of the problem. Choosing to go with more modest portions gives the child a chance to enjoy everything on the plate, but come away from the table not feeling as bloated.

Child obesity causes are not just about food. In many cases, a child who feels marginalized by his or her peers may turn to food for solace. Understanding that your child may be having social problems can lead to providing the child with some new social opportunities, such as joining a club. As his or her confidence builds, the need for food begins to fade into the background.

Finally, child obesity causes often involve a lack of exercise. Kids simply tend to stay indoors more than ever. If conditions do now allow a child to play outside, then make arrangements for your child to spend time at a gym or health club on a regular basis. In fact, make time to go with your child and work out as well. Chances are if your child has a weight problem, there is also some tendency for the adults in the home to be carrying around extra weight as well.

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