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Why is Child Obesity on the Rise?
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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The prevalence of child obesity in the current generation of young people is an alarming turn for our society. But what has led to the continually increasing average weight among our children? Here are a few factors that contribute greatly to this growing epidemic of obesity among our children.

One of the main factors is that young people simply do not spend as much time in physical activity these days. Previous generations were often engaged in a great deal of outside play, which included biking, playing sports, or even walking around town with friends. While modern video games are often cited as the culprit for this decrease in physical activity, there are other considerations as well. For example, many parents no longer feel free to allow their children to roam the neighborhoods or to visit a friend across town without adult supervision. The dangers to young people in modern society make it much more difficult for children to spend time out of doors. Also, air conditioning these days is considered a necessity and not a luxury. The result is that children prefer to be inside during the summer months, rather than outside in the warmer climate.

The emphasis of society on bigger means better has also played a huge role in child obesity. Portions at fast food restaurants are larger than ever. Children see these larger burgers and helpings of French Fries and automatically reach for them. Sodas are also much bigger as well. Where once upon a time, an eight ounce bottle of soda was considered sufficient, the children of today want the thirty-two ounce gut buster soda from the local convenience store. This combination of larger portions coupled with less exercise has led to a culture where waistlines are inflating at an alarming rate.

Child obesity is alarming, since carrying around extra weight means that our children are at greater risk for a number of health issues. Heart problems, diabetes, back problems, and a whole range of medical problems will be their lot in life, if this trend does not reverse. Of course, there are ways to deal with child obesity today. If you have a child with a weight problem, then consult with a physician today. A strong diet and exercise program could make child obesity a thing of the past in your home, and in other homes as well.

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