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       Cool New 'Idea' Engine On The Block
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If you log on to PayPerClickSearchEngines.com you'll find they list over 600 different pay-per-click search engines operating online.

In fact, some online sources report that over 1,000 "search
engines" of various size and popularity operate in the U.S. alone.

With so much competition among sites to capture the search traffic that Google.com and Yahoo.com seem to dominate like 800 lb. Gorillas, why would one new search engine rate even a second glance?

The answer: Amazon, the Web's mega bookstore, launched a new search engine with a very user-friendly interface and some of the fastest, most relevant searches online... along with a **twist** that will help EVERY person who wants to sell ebooks for profit, publish articles to get traffic, or create special reports that go viral.
                           Here's the story...

Amazon recently launched www.A9.com -- a search engine that
creates more of a "portal" experience than the traditional search engine where you input your search terms, click a button, and pray something relevant to your search appears in the results.

When you first log on to A9.com, it looks like a traditional search engine, but once you start searching, you'll find an organized and extremely helpful set of search tools right at your fingertips.

A9.com organizes its search criteria by category on the right side of the page.

Input a search term such as "mortgage loan" or "George Washington" and you'll start to see why I like this search engine so much.

When you first input your search term, the website displays the "web" search results to show you various websites A9.com deems relevant to your search.

Click the "books" button on the right and get a list of the most relevant books available on Amazon.com.

Follow virtually any of those book links to the Amazon website and you can literally browse through the table of contents, first chapter, and even the index of most books.

Click on the "Movies" button and get a list of any relevant movies with your search terms included.

One of the helpful things you'll notice as you start searching different types of media is that
you can show or hide various search results on the same page.

So if you only want to search books and movies, you can hide the Web and reference results.

Depending on the type of information you need to research,
you can also use the "Reference" results to get dictionary, encyclopedia, and history information on the search terms you entered.

Needless to say, when I did a search for "George Washington," this reference section overflowed with relevant links and information.

However, I was surprised at just how much reference material was available for search terms like "mortgage," including information from Investopedia.com on alternative search terms to help me narrow my search for more relevant information.

Probably the biggest reason I like A9.com so much is that it helps to wade through the ever rising tide of information that threatens to drown us all online.

Depending on what you need to find, you can quickly get suggestions, reference material, physical books, and even information on available film and video without leaving the A9.com website.

Now, here's specifically how A9.com can help anyone who wants to publish their own ebooks, articles, or special reports.

#1 - Insert your main search term at A9.com and look at 2 things: total web results (higher number the better) and the books and movies tabs.

If you see a lot of web results and tons of books and movies on the subject, you have a VERY good (and fast) indication that the topic you're considering is "hot" enough to warrant more investigation for creating your own ebook, special report, or other info-product.

#2 - Follow the look links to specific listings on Amazon. Some of those books will allow you to go through the table of contents, first chapter, and index right there on your screen.

                        Use this opportunity to:

      A. Make notes on the most important points on your topic
      (from the table of contents) and expand your list of potential
      points to cover.

B. Get a feel for the general topic and the typical way
      authors are currently approaching it (first chapter).

** By the way, the table of contents and / or first chapter will usually give you at least one great idea for an article you could create (or pay someone to create) and use to generate traffic to your website.

    C. Look for additional keywords you could use for your
    pay-per-click campaigns as well as your headlines, bullets,
    and other classified ads (in the index).

#3 - Use the "Reference" tab on A9.com to access the dictionary, thesaurus, and other tools to find MORE keywords you can use to advertise on pay-per-click search engines... specific "niche" keywords many of your competitors probably aren't using.

Though nothing on A9.com is actually new, it does present a much faster and easier way to search the web, compare results, gather marketing intelligence, and wade through available data to help you with your own ebooks, special reports, article writing, and other marketing activities.

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