Adding a Do It Yourself Deck

A deck is usually a wooden platform constructed above ground level connected to the main part of the house. It's often surrounded by railings for the safety of the occupants. Access is through doors located in the main house or by stairs from the ground. To provide shade, decks can be covered by canopies or light roofing.

They are considered to be a good investment for a home and generally raise its overall value. They can also enhance the appearance of a house.. There are many design choices and construction methods - making deck installation an ideal do-it-yourself project.

There are several factors to consider in building house decks. Some of them are:

1. Location - If the house is located in the country where snowfall occurs, it is best to decrease the elevation of the deck from the threshold of the door. .

2. Main use and the amount of room needed - most homeowners utilize their decks for entertaining or dining outside. Nowadays, additions such as outdoor kitchens, hot tubs, Jacuzzis and gazebos are becoming popular choices. Screening the whole area might be suited for health conscious occupants.

3. Need of the homeowners for privacy from neighbors and the main street - walls can be added to the sides of the deck to afford homeowners a feeling of privacy.

5. Access - getting on and off - there are certain regulations in local zoning and building codes regarding stairs from the ground to the deck. It's best to get approval for your design before you start to build.

6. Need for shade - custom-made awnings can be installed over the platform to provide shade, or for homeowners on a budget, an arbor or Pergola can be included in the design.

8. Preference for railings - in most areas in the U.S., any deck that is higher than 18" off the ground requires railing. A composite plastic lumber is recommended for those who prefer to have seating constructed into the deck design and also prevent the warping and splintering that can occur after a long period of time.

All homeowners would like to have a picture-perfect house that will provide safety and comfort for their families. A do it yourself deck building project is a great way to beautify and add value to the home.