DIY Central Heating project

   For the person who wishes to install central heating as a do-it-yourself project, there are many web sites devoted to teaching people how to install just about any type of home heating and air conditioning system.

   From colored floor diagrams, to help lines that will walk people through the steps needed to install central heating, people will be able to save money by not hiring a contractor or HVAC person for their home.

   A word of caution, though. Be sure to seek the help of your heating or air-conditioning equipment supplier to determine the heating or cooling requirements for your home. Installing equipment that may have too much, or even not enough capacity would wipe out most of the savings that might result from your do it yourself effort.

   Ordering parts and materials for a central heating project is also easy. Many web sites, and local equipment suppliers have kits that already include all the parts needed to install most heating systems. Extra tools and painting materials will have to be supplied by the homeowner. Web sites that offer these products also offer diagrams and other references to use when buying a kit. Materials may also be purchased separately.


   For those who will be using an installation contractor for their central heating project, ordering the materials and having them ready for the contractor will save money.

   Having a friend or family member who has installed central heating before will be a big help. If this is the first time that a person will be working on a project like this, it is best to have someone who can help direct where to put equipment and how to install vents and other items that allow heat to travel through a home. Beware that vents must conform with local building codes.

   A diy central heating project will save money as long as there is someone who will be able to instruct those who do not know much about HVAC where to drill and where to install the equipment. Mistakes could end up costing a lot more money than originally intended.