What is an Entrepreneur?

People enjoy a lot of comforts as they go through life each day. Have you ever wondered who are responsible for all these life's comforts? You have to thank the entrepreneurs for it. But, what is an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur has many meanings. If you want to know exactly what it means, just keep on reading.

A person who assumes business responsibility and the risks that comes along with it is called an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, one expects to make profits, whether big or small, depending on the business he or she is involved in. generally, the entrepreneur decides which product or service to offer, obtain the needed facilities, hires the required labor force, acquire production materials, and provides for the capital.

There is no assurance that the business will become a success. However, if the business proves to be a success, the entrepreneur will reap all the benefits and rewards in terms of the profits. In case of a loss, the entrepreneur will also be the one to suffer.

Assuming business responsibilities is definitely not an easy task. Not many individuals are willing to take huge responsibilities, and most especially take all the risks. Only an experienced and knowledgeable individual will dare to become an entrepreneur. The ultimate goal of an entrepreneur is to earn profits.

By putting up a small business, you will also earn limited returns but by establishing a big business, you will also earn more profits. The choice will depend on the entrepreneur and his or her available resources.

As the most important person in a business venture, an entrepreneur will be the one to decide which product or service to offer. He or she must be able to determine the needs of the people and provide the answer to such needs. A careful study of the targeted market is required. This takes time because one can't decide immediately what product or service to offer.

Once the products or services are identified, it is now time for the entrepreneur to obtain all the needed facilities. This will include the building or the place of business.

Along with it are the other things needed such as the office furniture, fixtures, and many other things. The capital is usually provided by the entrepreneur and a part of it will be allotted for the acquisition of the facilities. Later on, these things will be considered as one of the assets of the business.

Recruitment of the labor force is also an important part of being an entrepreneur. The business will not succeed if it doesn’t have a loyal labor force. Everyone should work together in order to achieve success. It is therefore of utmost importance to hire only the qualified employees.

As you can see, the entrepreneur has to take care of many things. This may be one reason why not many individuals are willing to become one. If the business succeeds or fails, it is all because of the entrepreneur.

Now that you know what an entrepreneur is, would you like to become one? Well, if you have the right attitude, skills, and qualifications, you too can become an entrepreneur. It would be best to embark on a humble beginning. Don’t attempt to reach the peak of success all at once. It takes hard work, dedication, and perspiration. You must take one step at a time.

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