A Special Report

How to Avoid Virus Infection,
 Lost Files and Computer


Thanks for checking into this Special Report. If you're serious about your computer security and you're considering a firewall and antivirus protection, take note of our newest website.

It's all about
Firewalls and Virus Protection.
In fact, that's its name and you can visit it here:



We've left out all of the high tech terms and unfamiliar language
and written it so that just about everyone can learn how to prepare for and protect themselves from being infected by an internet virus, worm or trojan horse.

                           These terms are defined in simple, easy
                                           to understand language.


There are suggestions for creating your own Disaster Plan that include what to do BEFORE a virus infects your computer; what to expect if you become infected, and what to do After you inoculate, disinfect and hopefully get your computer working again.

There's an up-to-date Security Alert Blog and Free Newsletter with current reports on Cyber threats (You can subscribe HERE )

It includes guidelines for creating secure backup copies of your important personal information before it's too late.

Read what you might have to do if a virus shuts you down completely, causing irretrievable loss of your
data files and operating programs.

Learn what tools to use to backup your files (they aren't all on your own computer), and how you might be able to actually recover some or all of those lost files.

You'll learn how to recognize a virus infection, where to get help in de-contaminating your hard drive and how to handle the virus hoaxes that your well meaning friends or relatives might send to you.

The discussion on how to handle email during a virus crisis, how to recognize potentially dangerous or infected message attachments and what to do about spammy email  is worth every minute you'll spend reading it.

Do you know about Spyware? or Adware? or how to find out if these privacy invaders are hiding on your computer?

Do you know which Spam killers or Spyware Killers are available and where to get them Maybe you don't really  need them... you'll find out when you visit
"Firewalls and Virus Protection".

Check for current virus alerts from the major anti-virus program software providers. You'll always know what new virus, worm or trojan horse is flooding the internet.

                 Being prepared is a major part of being protected.

Visit the site now and bookmark it, or add it to your favorites.  Be informed, stay abreast of the virus threats that are  constantly being created and circulated by a group of malicious people who have no respect for our privacy.

Many of these crackers have an agenda for destroying something or someone, and they are using you and us to try to accomplish their devious deeds.

Visit Firewalls and Virus Protection now.
go to:
"Firewalls and Virus Protection".

If there is anything there that you don't understand, or that you disagree with, please send me an email with your comments, questions or suggestions.

With your input, we can make this site even more helpful for all of us everyday web-surfers and email users.

  Some very astute parents have already used this site as an important
                              study assignment for their children

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