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Enchanting Gardens Are Made Possible Through The Cultivation Of The Boxwood Shrub
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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A boxwood shrub can grow as tall as 15 feet. Such development is quite slow, however, as boxwoods gain an average of 12 inches per year. Boxwoods are also known as wide-spreading shrubs, capable of covering great areas at a very fast rate. If there is a shrub that is comparable to a weed when it comes to spread rate, then the boxwood shrub should be one of the primary candidates for the title. But unlike weeds, boxwoods have plenty of aesthetic uses, making them perfect for many landscape designs. Let's discuss this further.

Ever seen the movie The Secret Garden? It's a movie about the wonders of youth, where two young girls retreat to their own little paradise, a secret garden covered by walls of shrubs. Those maze-like walls of shrubs, if you've seen the movie, are boxwoods. In the olden days, and in Europe particularly, the rich people who owned mansions and acres of land grew boxwood shrub to the point that they were able to create labyrinths on their spacious gardens. Another example of this in popular culture is the recent Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, were the third and final challenge for the champions was held inside such a labyrinth made of boxwoods.

Many references to this usage of the boxwood shrub have made the genus a popular choice for landscape artists. The shapes that boxwoods take, given their potential height and rapid spread rate, are quite perfect for any landscaping design. Shapes of globes, weeping willows, pyramids, and columns are all possible with some trimming of the boxwoods. Aside from this, boxwoods are also perfect outlines for natural structures that landscape artists would like to establish in the garden. Natural trellises, pathways, terraces and even hedges are made possible by boxwoods and their unique features.

In growing boxwoods, it must be considered that though they are hardy shrubs that can withstand shade, they grow best under an adequate amount of sunlight. Most people who seriously consider boxwoods are interested with its potential size, first and foremost. To attain optimal growth, the right amount of exposure to sunlight and good quality soil are needed. These factors are not really complementary, as sunlight can drain the soil of essential nutrients necessary for the proper growth of the boxwoods. Hence, mulching is highly recommended to ensure that the soil retains water and minerals that the boxwoods will need.

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