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The Azalea Shrub And Its Flowers Of Desire And Love
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Though belonging to the same class of shrubs, an azalea shrub should be distinguished from the rhododendrons, at least in the casual sense. The former refers to smaller varieties, around 30 cm. to 120 cm. tall, that serve a particularly ornamental function, what with their lushly colored leaves and vibrant blooms. The latter refers to the larger varieties, better used in gardens for hedging smaller plants and lining up manmade structures.

Nonetheless, it is not totally wrong to group an azalea shrub and a rhododendron together, at least in a scientific discussion. As we have previously discussed, they both belong to the same family of shrubs.

Azaleas are highly desirable garden shrubs primarily because of the amazing flowers they are capable of bearing. Long the favorite of cross breeders from all around the world, there are many, many kinds of azaleas, and newer ones are being "manufactured" each and every day. Hence, what were originally carnation-colored flowers associated with azaleas have now branched out to cover a wide variety of hues, ranging from orange, to red, to pink, to violet, and even to blue.

An azalea shrub is likewise a favorite crop for horticulturists come spring, mainly because they are timing the blooms of this shrub type for the Valentine season. Indeed, azalea flowers are popular gifts of love come the month of hearts, a fact that is not lost from the countless florists throughout the world.

It is important to note, however, that an azalea sapling should be planted during winter. Planting, or transplanting as the case may be, is different from blooming. Azalea flowers will surely freeze during the colder months, and their petals will easily be damaged. Florists, horticulturists and casual gardeners will not be able to realize the full potentials of the blossoms, if this was the case.

Azaleas demand acidic soil with a pH level of at least 5.5. This is pretty difficult to maintain, especially in warmer territories. The best way to achieve such an acidity level is to constantly apply fertilizer to the soil, and in some instances, to resort to mulching in able to retain water in the same.

An azalea shrub is a hedge plant. It prefers enclosed areas to protect itself from environmental factors like the cold or the wind. Azaleas also require an ample amount of sunlight, though dappled shades will be serviceable for this specie. In general, azaleas are quite hardy, though their blooms require a lot of care.

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