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The Lilac Shrub Is One Tough Cookie!
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Soft on the outside, tough on the inside... this statement perfectly characterizes the lilac shrub.

There is no denying the fact that the lilac shrub is a hardy plant. It can endure the hot months of summer as well as the cold months of winter. It can even withstand extreme ranges of environmental conditions, something that few plants can actually boast of.

These, of course, are not readily apparent for people who are only familiar with lilacs through their outside appearance. Lilacs produce the most beautiful blooms, bursting with vibrant colors and fantastic fragrance that conjures images of bliss and delight for anyone who would get to experience what they have to offer. Some people even claim that lilacs bring them back to a more innocent time, when worries were few and the future held so much promise.

It is easy to dismiss the lilac shrub as something quite fragile, therefore, which is the case for most people.

But the lilac is a tough shrub. Leave it under the summer sun and it will remain as radiant as ever. Leave it outside to fend against the biting cold, and even the harshness of snow, and it will preserve its pristine beauty, undaunted and unscathed. The beauty of its blooms is indeed just the tip of the iceberg. With a lilac shrub, you have a faithful companion that is guaranteed to stay with you the whole year round.

The problem that you may encounter with lilacs, however, lies in their rather delicate demands for pruning. You need to exercise extraordinary care in cutting off the stems of withering parts, least you cause major damage on the shrub. If pruning is carried out incorrectly, lilacs will bear fewer flowers. Also, the blooming cycle of lilacs should likewise be considered. Lilacs enjoy full bloom during the hotter months, and experience a hibernation of sorts during the months leading to winter. Pruning should be carried out during the dormant months. If you cut the stems outside of this period, you'll just risk cutting off new buds from which the flowers will come from.

Pruning, however, is not really a necessary requisite in caring for lilacs. If you wouldn't mind out-of-shape shrubs that can potentially become unsightly, then you won't have to prune these shrubs. Let them bloom as much as they can, and enjoy the splendor they can offer. Rare are plants that are capable of such beautiful sights with little maintenance.

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