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    Family Fun Stuff - a mini-directory.
There's just no way that all of the possible family and kids fun activities can be covered in one website. However ...

...for nearly every family, there are usually special things that are shared to bring pleasure, appreciation and closeness - these are a few of the family activities that helped create a loving and fun filled environment for our family.

Maybe your family hasn't tried all of these yet.

So, click on the following links and you could find some new family fun activities to share and enjoy.    
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Fun Filled Family Camping - the variety of camping related activities will easily satisfy every family member's interest, whether it's hiking, backpacking, picture taking, exploring or whatever.

Including RV camping destinations, reservations, manuals on maintenance and equipment care, towing, popup tent campers...

tents and pop up campersCamp Tent Selection Guide - Consider a family sized tent for your family camping vacation fun. They sleep more people, have space for your gear and luggage and allow everyone to stand up.

There are many more tent styles - like pup tents, military tents, even tents for dogs. How about Tent Campers, Pop Up Tent Trailers, and Truck Tents?

a Complete Camp site guideThe Complete Camp Site Guide - Going camping can be an exciting adventure for you and the members of your family, but if you are not organized and thoroughly prepared, it can quickly turn fun into a nightmare.

That's why it is especially important to start with a camping checklist.

family vacations to Mt RushmoreVacation Travel Tips - Traveling is indeed, one of the most indulging activities a family could ever experience. You can discover exciting beaches, caverns, virgin forests, and much, much more. However, not completely without risk. These Tips will help you find many great destinations, avoid possible disappointment from unexpected events, and have fun affordable family vacations. There's stuff on Disney, too.

Bird Watching Pleasures - Exciting and educational Fun for children, parents, grandparents and care givers. In its simplest form, anyone can be a bird watcher - or birder - just by looking out a window into the great outdoors. For even better results, everyone in the family can work together to create a bird garden with plants, feeders, and shelter that will increase the bird population in your yards.

family vacation planninf and travel funVacation Travel Planning - Richard's FREE Vacation Travel Newsletter is loaded with Advice and Reminders to guide you in completing your vacation plans, from How to Get the Best Airline fares, packing tips, exchange rates, Emergency Requirements, to Travel Fitness, and dozens  more.
Subscribe and the first issue of your newsletter will arrive in your email within minutes - Day or night - with 2 more issues each week. Don't take a chance of overlooking some important detail.

backyard activities for the family include cook-outsBackyard Fun for the Whole Family  - With gasoline prices constantly increasing, why travel? Spending time at home does not have to be boring. You can have fun right in your own backyard.

With a little imagination your backyard can be a fantastic source of outdoor fun for the whole family.

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Gardening and Landscaping for Homeowners - landscaping - a family fun activityCreate your own natural paradise right at home. Your home is your Castle! It's the place to be when it's time to relax, have fun, entertain, and do whatever you want. You'll want your gardens and yards to be attractive, comfortable and appealing.
   Loads of ideas here on landscaping, lawn care, material and contractor selections, and much, much more. Make it a family fun activity.

vegetable gardening - a family fun activity where the children can participateGardening Tips from Expert Gardeners -  for the hobbyist with a residential garden to a homeowner supplementing the family food with a small vegetable garden or orchard. It's a complete guide covering everything from locating and designing your garden plot to selecting plants, tools, even garden pest control. Pictures, and videos to spark your imagination.

flower gardening for the whole familyIris Gardens - growing and selection tips -  How To Grow Beautiful Iris Plants in 8 Easy steps. A few important steps if you are planning to plant your first Iris Garden, and even some good suggestions for growing healthier and more beautiful iris for the seasoned gardener. Free advice.

Herb Gardening Tips - Design an Herb Garden and Plant it for the Best Results. If you’ve ever desired a garden filled with fragrant herbs, here are some handy tips on how to design an herb garden with Resources to help you get the best results from your plants. It's actually a fairly easy process. Those fresh savory herbs will enhance any family dinner!

family fun project growing vines on trellisesGrow Vines for many Uses - Vines can Hide Problem Areas - Growing vines is a wonderful way to hide a problem area of your home - like an ugly fence or shed that doesn’t look as if it fits in your yard. Climbing vines will make either one look much more attractive and inviting.

fun activities for children when supervisedLawn Care Clipping Free Newsletter - Periodic issues - Free advice and suggestions for creating and maintaining the most beautiful lawn in your neighborhood. Delivered right to your email box every few days.

Clip the tips
and save them to your Lawn Care file folder.

Richard's Garden Tips Free Newsletter - Delivered right to your email box every week. Clip the tips and save them to your Gardening folder.
Build your own information and Resource Reference Library with answers to just about any question relating to building beautiful and healthy flower and vegetable gardens. ...and it's Free

family gardens are fun activitiesHow to Find and Grow Tropical Ferns - It can sometimes seem hard to find really attractive landscape plants that grow well in the shade. Hard, but not impossible. A fern plant thrives in shade, with the exception of the common houseplant Boston fern... but there is a wide variety of lovely ferns to choose from.

How to Build and Maintain Ponds -  the reason many people keep a pond is to keep fish in it.  Koi is a popular type of fish to keep in your pond because it's colorful and hardy.
water lilly ponds are great family fun projects
One of the most beautiful ponds you can create is a lilly pond Water lilly plants have been the subjects of paintings for centuries and with good reason, they add character and elegance to any pond. More about building and maintaining ponds at this website.

family activity for all seasons - greenhouse growingGreenhouse Growing Tips eCourse - If gardening is your hobby, greenhouse growing will interest you. With a greenhouse, you can have the earliest tomatoes and salad greens all year. You can start seedlings for the main garden early in the spring when outdoor temperatures would kill them.

This Free 5 Part eCourse is loaded with tips and advice on types of greenhouses, tools and materials, shelving, heating, selecting, planting, harvesting your crops, and more.  Clip the tips and save them to your
Gardening folder.

build a greenhouse - a family fun projectBuilding Your own Greenhouse - Building a greenhouse is like building a house. You need a well-designed plan that will accommodate the plants you wish to grow. There are different types of home greenhouses - your choice will depend on the growing area, architecture, location and costs.
Lots of free information here to help you get started with your greenhouse.
 MOVIE REVIEWS                                           TO TOP

100 best movies of our times, courtesy of the Movie Review Query Engine

The Number 1 pick of the critics -
Modern Times (1936) Playing a tramp struggling to survive in a modern industrial society, Charlie Chaplin created with MODERN TIMES, one of the most elaborate cinematic critiques o...more
Hobbies are usually something you choose to do influenced by your individual interests, skills, daily work, tastes, ambitions, or past schooling. Stamp or coin collecting are examples of hobbies based on deliberate choice. Making model airplanes, Weightlifting, fishing, finding sports memorabilia, are all things to do for a pastime.

Google shows more than 171 million listings for "hobbies". Here are a couple that can lead to shared family fun and appreciation.

antiquing is a great family activityAntiquing for Beginners - Antique collecting can be very satisfying  as a hobby or a business.  Here's an opportunity for beginners excited about starting their own collection of prized antiques to gain a lot of insight about the many different facets of antique collecting. This website is loaded with free advice and ideas.

Woodworking - the Basics - teach the kids woodworking for a fun activityAlong with stone, mud, and animal parts, wood was certainly one of the first materials worked by primitive human beings. The evolution and growth of civilization was closely tied to the development of increasingly greater degrees of skill in working these these natural materials. Quality handmade wooden products require a great amount of skill in both craftsmanship and selection of attractive or beautiful raw material. Review the basics at his site.
   RESTFUL and RELAXING                             TO TOP
Google shows more than 51 million listings for "Beverages" in their data base. For the two most popular beverages enjoyed daily by people everywhere, Google has  more than 220 million listings for Tea, and nearly 350 Million for Coffee!

 These two sites will arm you with just about all the information you'll need to select and brew outstandingly flavorful and enjoyable Tea and Coffee that will be fun to serve to yourself, your family, and your friends.

Tea Time - a Healthy Brew - some tea lovers claim that tea leaves inside ssoothing tea to rest after major family activitiesof tea bags have a very poor quality and result in an unpleasant tea taste. There is a large number of tea lovers who claim otherwise. However it is brewed, many people accept herbal tea as a valid supplement that can really rattle the effects of a minor malady. In fact, tea therapy has become a booming part of the alternative medicine world. Learn more here.

Coffee Anyone? -  Who brewed that very first steaming, aromatic, tastefully delightful cup of one of our favorite and most popular beverages? Can you guess? The history of coffee, while hard to verify, is abundant with many legends about who first brewed and filled their coffee goblets or vessels. Today, you can buy a cup of good coffee just about anywhere.

coffee break during family fun times
But you don't have to go to these business establishments to obtain a consistently good tasting delicious cup of coffee. You can have the fun of brewing it at home and in your office or workplace and achieve the same consistent, high quality, even gourmet quality coffee.

  Follow the advice in this website and you'll have your friends and family eagerly responding to your  call o
f "Coffee, Anyone?"
Watch the video while you are here - for a Quick Review
 of the FEW Important Steps in brewing that great
  cup of coffee - every time!

   LITTLE KIDS ONLINE FUN STUFF                                   TO TOP
kids fun games
Safe Fun for Little Kids. Family Safety starts with Web Sites suitable for kids. Here are some with activities for kids that we Reviewed for our  Grandchildren.  CLICK HERE To Visit them -
   SOME FUN and a couple of Mouth watering DELICIOUS RECIPES             TO TOP
Google shows more than 4 million recipe books and over 114,000,000 recipes in their data base. Overwhelming!

So, here are just 2 family fun recipes that members can help prepare, share, and enjoy. (It's a start. Googlewill help you find a bunch more if you're really hungry)

kitchen projects are great fun for the kidsOld Fashioned Chocolate Dessert Recipes - among the delightful chocolate dessert recipes here is the Original Nestlé Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. This famous classic American cookie is a treat no matter what the age or occasion. Enjoy it with a glass of cold milk or a scoop of chocolate ice-cream.
 and Learn All About Making Chocolate Here

kids activities should include fun stuff like making fudgeMouth watering Chocolate Fudge Recipes - American Folklore has it that fudge was invented in the United States more than 100 years ago. Although the exact origin is disputed, most stories claim the first batch of fudge resulted from a bungled batch of caramels made on February 14, 1886, - hence the name "fudge". (Nearly 2 dozen recipes here)
 INCOME POTENTIAL   for Family Participation                                          TO TOP
It is possible to have fun and make some extra spending money at the same time. A profitable family fun activity is having a Garage or Yard Sale. Lots of people have them, but to be super successful, it's a good idea to have some helpful background and advice.

You might even write about your successful sales. Many people make extra cash by writing articles for Fun Magazines. Here are Free resources to help you get started.

Garage Sales Profits Free eCourse - Seven (7) Complete Lessons.
"How to plan, organize, find inventory, and make some Extra spending money with your own Super Garage or Yard Sale". learn how to avoid the errors and mistakes that keep others from having fun and making the most profits from their Garage sales.

Nothing like a garage or yard sale to get the whole family involved in the funRichard's Garage and Yard Sale Guide - Holding a garage or yard sale will always be one of the easiest ways to dispose of unwanted family collections of stuff and earn money at the same time. Professional "Garage Sales" buyers regularly watch for garage and yard sale announcements. They want to make sure they'll be the first ones to look for and claim possible worthwhile and valuable things that may be considered trash by other people. Learn the Little Things that Count a lot in a Garage Sale.

Save all of those family fun memories Write Articles for Fun and Profit - Free eCourse -  a Five (5) Step Article Writing Blueprint. Writing Informative or Entertaining Articles is a proven step in building your personal brand. Add these 5 basic tips to your own library of writing tools; they’ll help you ”Write Articles that Captivate Your Readers" - maybe about your family vacations.

"A Quick-Start Guide to Writing Profitable Articles"  
CLICK HERE to download a FREE copy This Fast and Simple Guide to Article Marketing Ebook will show you how you can quickly write 20-50 articles every day…and even show you where to post your articles, and get paid to do it.
  SECURITY STUFF - to help you stay safe when using the Internet     TO TOP

protect the family and kids from cyber threats
Internet Scams - An Internet scam can be a combination of phishing, spamming in an online auction and retail setting. Regardless of a new face or technology, Internet scams aim to fool online visitors into doing an action or providing sensitive information to the benefit of the scammer.
Read how to identify the threats you'll face while you and our family are planning your fun activities.

Download "Identity Theft Guide" by CLICKING HERE. - A Breach in
your personal privacy protection could easily lead to online and offline Hackers and thieves stealing your identity.
It's a five page report you can download, print and freely share with your family and friends.  Save the file to your Desktop - it'll be easier to find.

make safety education a part of your important family activities
Family Safety and Internet Security Guidelines and Parental Supervision - especially for Children. Internet security policies and practical guidelines to help make the Internet safer and more fun for children and their families.

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                     How do you share your precious family fun time?
Certainly, there are hundreds of pleasant pastimes  -  it might require a 5 volume encyclopedia to try to cover them all.
Tell us about your favorites? Just
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