Basic Guidelines for House Plant Care

The basics of caring for your potted plants and container gardens – Choose plants that have thick leathery foliage. They can withstand heated rooms because they have tough leaves that can better withstand adverse conditions. Keep the foliage free of dust so as not to interfere with the plant's pores.

To keep house plants species hardy they must be in as cool a place as possible.

A tropical plant, such as a begonia, can be kept it in a room that is warm and moist, like a bathroom. They thrive on moisture and because of the moisture from showers, tropical house plants will get the necessary humidity.

Watering is an important part of house plant care. The amount of water you give them will depend on how fast the plant absorbs the moisture. House plants in active growth require more water than dormant ones. House plants require more water during the growing months of April through October. Container gardens should be watered when relatively dry. Sufficient water should be given to reach to the drainage hole. This is important because the feeding roots closest to the bottom need water to continue growth.

If possible, use rain water for house plant care. If you cannot use rain water on your container gardens, you can use tap water. Be sure to inspect your house plants daily to see if they need moisture.

If the tips of your foliage turn a sickly yellow you are over watering the plant. Do not water it again until the soil is quite dry. Over watering will also cause a moss or algae to grow on the soil. Remove it and use a sharp stick to aerate the soil in the container.

Proper feeding of your plants is very important. Plants that are rooted well and are growing freely need the most feeding. Extra nourishment is especially needed from May to August. Flowering house plants benefit by feeding them as soon as their flower buds appear. There are many types of fertilizers, speak to the people at your garden center to find the right one for your house plants.

Keep your house plants properly nourished, watered and clean and they will give you years of enjoyment and beauty.