Growing indoor hanging plants

If you want to take advantage of having amazing looking plants in your home, there is really only one answer – indoor hanging plants. Unlike the usual ground based potted plants that you see in so many people’s home, indoor hanging plants can really help brighten up a room with their stunning good looks and beautiful foliage. Many people simply do not realize all of the good that can come from these spectacular plants.

Growing indoor hanging plants is more than simply placing a pot on a hook. You have to know the proper way to keep the soil moist if you want your hanging plants to thrive. The first step in growing a collection of indoor hanging plants is to find the pots that are right for you. Make sure they are not too heavy when nothing is in them, and be sure to buy pots that do not have holes in the bottom, as you do not want water to drip out.

Planting indoor plants in hanging pots should be done with soil that you prepare yourself. Mix some polymer crystals in with your potting soil so you can create your own self-watering pots to ensure that your hanging plants always have enough moisture in their roots. When mixed with water, the polymer crystals will create a gel like substance that you should add to the potting soil once the plant has been placed in the hanging pot. Dig a few holes in the soil around the plant and then pour the polymer crystals into each hole for maximum effectiveness.

There you have it, an impressive way to grow your indoor hanging plants without having to get up on a ladder a few times a week to make sure that they are staying moist enough – and you only have to check on your plants every few weeks to remove dead leaves and exterminate any insects that may be growing on them.