Growing indoor tropical foliage plants

Growing indoor tropical foliage plants in your home has always been a tricky business. Most of us simply do not live in the right environment to ensure that plants will make it through the year, but with a little help from your home’s ability to retain heat, you can actually make your home into a sort of greenhouse that is perfectly suited for all kinds of indoor tropical foliage plants. You may have to invest in a few gadgets to keep the humidity and temperature in your home regulated – but the payoff of having beautiful tropical plants around will more than make up for it.

In order to ensure that your tropical foliage plants will grow their best in your home, you have to first make sure that your home is relatively climate stabilized. Next, you need to find a well lit spot in your house where your indoor tropical foliage plants will be able to get plenty of warm morning sun. You do not want a spot that goes from being warm in the morning to very cold or dark later in the afternoon if you are trying to grow tropical plants, so be sure that the area you place them will sate consistently between 75 and 80 degrees.

You also need to concentrate on the amount of humidity your indoor plants receive. While 70 percent is perfect for most indoor plants, you should shoot for a number that is a bit higher for tropical plants because their natural environment is much more humid than for most plants.

Finally, if you really want to make sure that your indoor tropical foliage plants grow up to be strong and healthy, you want to be sure not to cheap out on water or soil – buy the best soil, use pure, clean water, and make sure that your plants have plenty of drainage in their pots for maximum effectiveness.