Rare Indoor Plants

Once you decide that you're going to decorate your home with houseplants, perhaps you'd  like to have some rare indoor plants instead of all commonplace ones. Maybe you'd like your home to have something no one else has, or maybe you just like the look of them better.

One such group is tropical plants. The only negative thing about them is that they require special lighting and heating since they need long hours of sunlight and warmer temperatures to flourish. They also require enough humidity to grow properly. You can keep them warm with a little heater and install a lighting system where you keep your rare indoor plants; however, maintaining the higher humidity is trickier.

If you are looking for something unusual to grow in your home, try a Bat Head Lily, also known as a Bat or Devil Flower. It's one of those rare indoor plants that will brighten your home and impress your friends with its beauty and unusual shape. The petals are wide, like wings, a dark purple/black with strands hanging off of them. They stand one and a half feet to two feet high. There are fifteen varieties of this flowering plant. They are slow to germinate so once you have planted the seeds you will need considerable patience to wait for them to poke through the soil and begin their growth. It can take as little as thirty days or as long as two hundred and seventy days. So don't give up hope if you see nothing happening for several months.

If you are looking for another rare indoor plant to grow, why not consider vanilla? Did you know that vanilla is the most popular flavor worldwide, even more so than chocolate. The vanilla orchid is the plant that this popular flavor comes from. You could grow this plant in your home. Another popular choice for unusual houseplants is dwarf fruit trees. They will even eventually give you some fruit. This includes such varieties as dwarf lemons, dwarf oranges and dwarf lime trees.

Keep in mind that often the key to growing rare indoor plants is providing enough humidity for them to flourish.