Types of indoor plants
 The types of indoor plants available to you to grow in your home are broken down into flowering and not flowering. So before you decide what to purchase, you may want to consider these categories, as they could influence your decision. Perhaps you are just looking for what will be easiest to care for or you will wait until you get to the nursery or your local supermarket or department store and see what appeals to you.

One of the very popular types of indoor plants is cactus. They are much easier to take care of than most people think. In part this is because people believe that cactuses grow only in sandy places that get little to no water. Therefore they do not plant them in good soil and they barely water them. This is wrong; they require sufficient water to grow. The most common cactus is the Christmas cactus, so called because the bloom with small red flowers around Christmas.

When looking at the types of indoor plants that are easiest to care for spider plants are one of the top choices. They prefer dryer soils and can thrive in a home that does not have lots of sunlight. They do not do well in the cold so putting them on the windowsill in the winter to get some sun would be a bad idea. They also do not require a lot of fertilizer and often the leaves will turn brown if too much is used. If you want them to make their spider babies make sure the pot you put them in isnít too big. They only make the offshoots when they think they need more room.
 There are so many types of indoor plants that grow well that it really is hard to choose. You may prefer African violets with their soft petals and small flowers. These flowers can be any color from white to shades of pinks and purples. Bonsai is a favorite of many but especially the more committed indoor gardener. There are also geraniums, philodendrons, ferns, rubber plants or dieffenbachia to choose from. Whatever  you choose, they will brighten your home and add that touch of color and beauty that you cannot find elsewhere.