Causes of Mood Swings

Mood swings, also known as phase mood changes, may have natural or unnatural causes.

Receiving good and bad news at the same moment certainly warrants a mood swing. But there are also times when a person experiences mood swings for no apparent reason. When this happens, you might want to consult a physician about it as such mood swings could be a symptom of a more serious problem.

Possible Mood Swing Causes

Before approaching your physician, you can review the possible causes below and see if any of them may have brought about your mood swings.

Menstruation and Menopause
Some women have all the luck. They go through menstruation each month and menopause in the latter stages of their lives without ever suffering pain or discomfort. Others are not as fortunate and these women are the ones prone to suffer from mood swings.

Menstruation and menopause cause hormonal changes in our bodies and these changes could mess up the way we think and feel at the moment. Mood swings could be a result. Certainly, the pain that comes with menstruation and menopause can also cause mood swings. At the early part of the day, you could be extremely happy but once your period comes, your mood could instantly change and you become irritable and overly sensitive.

Mood swings during these stages may frequently occur but even so, they’re entirely natural and as such you shouldn’t be too worried about it. To regulate their frequency, try doing what you can to alleviate the pain caused by other symptoms of menstruation and menopause. Do that and the frequency of your mood swings will consequently go down.

Growing up is a painful but necessary change in life. This is especially true as kids hit their teenage years. For women, the changes are more visible: their bodies develop curves that once weren’t there. They also start experiencing menstruation, which is painful in itself. Their voices change and even their skins could change, making them more acne prone among other things. Add all these up and it’s fairly easy to understand why adolescents become prone to mood swings.

Bipolar Depression
In this case, mood swings are merely a symptom of a more prevalent condition. Bipolar depression is vastly underestimated by many. It is a serious condition that when left untreated can lead to graver complications.

The best way to know if one is suffering from bipolar depression is to obtain a professional diagnosis.

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is certainly not something to scoff at either. True enough, it is not in any way life-threatening but if the affected individual is left to cope with his condition without professional help and support, he will find it extremely difficult to achieve certain things in life – things that may come naturally to other people who aren’t suffering from ADHD.

And because he doesn’t understand the cause of his inadequacies, he could be prone to mood swings. There is no cure for ADHD but there are ways to help affected individuals lead a normal lifestyle.

Last but not the least, problems in your life can easily lead you to suffer from mood swings. The best way to prevent mood swings in this case is to solve your problems instead of running away from it.

Whatever the cause of your mood swing, you’ll find it easier to prevent them from occurring again if you have the care and support of your loved ones.



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