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3 Fallacies About Cedar Mulch, Debunked
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Cedar mulch is a widely popular kind of material used for mulching. Given the importance of the process of mulching for the healthy growth of our plans, much attention has been placed on the cedar mulch. It seems that many gardeners have their reservations on using mulches made of cedar, considering some known issues about the source material, as well as the undetermined variables of the same.

Let's get one thing straight before we proceed: mulches made of cedar are safe to use for your garden.

Where does the hesitation come from? What is the truth behind some unfavorable claims? Let's take a look at 3 issues pertaining to mulches of this type, and the veracity of the same.

Issue No. 1: Cedar Mulch Can Be Toxic To Plants

History is to blame for this tag associated to mulches made of cedar. Cedar, in its original form, is known for its insect-repelling qualities. Cedar is also known for its ability to resist rot. As such, many people are of the opinion that cedar is actually toxic for plants, and mulches made of the material will immediately kill one's garden.

This is not true. Mulches made of cedar do not curtail seed germination, and neither does it affect the growth of existing plants. Cedar has aromatic properties that targets weeds in particular, and nothing more. It's perfectly safe for your garden plants.

Issue No. 2: Cedar Increases The pH Level In The Soil

Since most plants rely on a certain acidity level of the soil, it is feared that the addition of cedar will disrupt the healthy level of acidity, which will lead to the ill health of the plants.

The truth is, mulches made of cedar, or other organic materials for that matter, only slightly affect the pH level of the soil. There will be no grand changes that will cause a great imbalance that would endanger the existence of your plants. Besides, the amount of mulches to be spread on the ground can always be limited to prevent any undesirable changes in the pH level of the soil.

Issue No. 3: Cedar Mulch Is Expensive

This is farther from the truth than the previous 2 issues we have discussed. And this will be revealed once the gardener begins to canvass for the prices of mulch options. Cedar is widely available throughout the mainland, and mulches, being its byproducts, do not possess a rarity that will justify a high price.

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