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All About Playground Mulch
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Children have more delicate frames, that's a given. And though they possess more vibrancy and energy than ten adults combined, their bodies are not as strong as their older counterparts'. More care should be extended to children, especially during their time of play when they are susceptible to a variety of possible injury-causing activities. One way of lessening the risks of injuries lies in controlling the environment where they do exercise their unbridled energies. Playgrounds, for instance, should be designed in a way where every nook and cranny and everywhere in between is kids-safe, meaning, environmental components should never pose any dangers, immediate or potential, to the welfare of the children.

One way by which such an environment can be controlled is through the usage of playground mulch. Playground mulch is made of soft rubber substance, usually recycled to minimize environmental hazards. It should be mentioned that mulches have two primary usages, one is for landscaping and gardening needs to help the soil retain water and valuable nutrients, and the other for playground purposes to make the surface more kid-friendly.

Playground mulch is known to be durable, as such is what should be expected. These mulches, after all, should be able to withstand the stress that would come from the children's activities. They should be soft as well, often springy, to minimize any impact they'd be subjected to.

Playground mulch is best suited for environments where children exercise their outdoor activities, for the following reasons:

* These mulches don't emit nauseating smell which might affect the respiratory systems of young kids, since children have weaker lungs compared to adults.

* These mulches come in a variety of colors which are in tune with the lively character and positive outlook exhibited by children.

* These mulches are likewise non-toxic. Some children are in the oral stage, and we can seldom control what they put in their mouths.

* These mulches serve as protection from the hazardous materials that can be found on the natural surface of the ground.

* These mulches simulate the natural environment, which makes a lot of landscaping designs possible.

When purchasing mulches for playgrounds, make sure that the particular product you are considering is actually approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and rated by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. These will give you the assurance you need that the rubber mulches have passed strict quality control procedures that will guarantee their safety for our kids.

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