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Hesitations About The Usage Of Plastic Mulch Are Often Misguided
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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For most people, the idea of using plastic as mulch is as preposterous as it is absurd. Mulch is supposed to help the soil retain water and other essential nutrients, yes, but plastic is not exactly the malleable substance that is synonymous with the usual materials used as mulches... materials like leaves, manure, and other organic elements. Plastic is hard. Plastic is non-permeable. Plastic is known as an environmental hazard since it is non-biodegradable. How can it be used as mulch?

Yet, plastic mulch does exist, and often, plastic mulch is used in gardens that extend by several hundreds of acres. Such a fact should be testament to the efficiency of such mulches for gardening purposes.

Yet, it still doesn't answer the question why... why is plastic mulch beneficial for the garden?

Well, the usual purposes of mulches is to help carry out the process of mulching. Mulching helps thwart the growth of weeds, as well as maintain the moisture possessed by the soil. These purposes are served well by mulches made of plastic. These mulches cut off some of the oxygen supply necessary for the spread of weeds. Likewise, these mulches also slow down the process of evaporation.

But mulches made of plastic serve a distinct purpose that no other kinds of mulches can serve, that is, as agents of drip irrigation.

Since mulches made of plastic are non-permeable, they made excellent conduits for water. Positioned at the right angle and they can provide water for the growing crops at more or less timed intervals. Consider it as a non-technological but affordable and ingenious approach to drip irrigation.

Additionally, mulches made of plastic come in a variety of colors, and colors can manipulate the heat retained on the surface. This is essential in controlling the prevailing temperature in the garden, and in a way, it is also essential in determining the moisture level of the soil. Currently, gardeners are studying the effects of different colors of mulches for their gardens, synchronizing the same with the needs of particular plants as well as the qualities of a particular soil type.

Mulches made of plastic may encounter a lot of hesitance from many gardeners all over the world, but its benefits cannot be ignored. More and more gardeners are resorting to this novel mulch variety, with great success at that. It is an option that's here to stay, and it is an option that is very much worth the try.

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