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Recycled Rubber Mulch - More Than Environment-Friendly
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Mulching is an important gardening process. It helps the soil retain moisture and it keeps the same nutrient-rich for the healthy growth of the plants. Additionally, mulching immediately kills existing weeds and it thwarts the growth of new ones. Indeed, if you wish to preserve the beauty and wellbeing of your plants in your garden, mulching will prove to be a very essential task.

The problem that many gardeners encounter is not about the process of mulching, but about the materials used for the same. There are many kinds of mulches that can be used, you see, but not all of them are conducive for a wide variety of gardens. Mulches made of leaves and other organic materials, for example, tend to smell once mixed with water. And though the effects can be beneficial for plants, the smell can often be endured by people, especially young children as well as those with weaker respiratory systems.

A lot of gardeners have resorted to synthetic mulches, particularly rubber. However, though rubber can efficiently carry out the purposes of mulching, their production is less than ideal for the environment.

The solution? More and more people are considering recycled rubber mulch for their gardens. Recycled rubber mulch can provide all the benefits of synthetic mulches. But since they will be reused from previously existing materials, there will be no hazards involved since no new rubber will be produced.

Additionally, recycled rubber mulch is cheaper. Production cost on the part of the manufacturer will be small, and such savings can be passed off to the consumers. This alone should merit serious attention from gardeners all over the world. Recycled rubber mulch should be preferred based on the price alone, what more with the other advantages it brings to the fray.

Rubber mulches of the recycled variety also possess the following attributes:

* They are softer, and are safer for environments where children play.

* They are more durable and can withstand any and all environmental conditions that may prove destructive for organic mulches.

* They are heavier, so they will not be blown away by wind, unlike leaves and other organic varieties.

* They are not as smelly as their organic counterparts.

* Though some gardens need "allies" that are invited by organic mulches, such as earthworms and the likes, the same cannot be said about gardens in playground settings. Hence, rubber mulches are better suited for the latter environment.

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