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Should You Or Should You Not Avail Of A Mulch Blower Service?
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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If you're going to spread mulch over a small area of land, say 5 x 5 meters or so, then there should be no problem as you can carry out such a task by hand. But if you're going to spread mulch over a larger area, say, many, many hectares of land, then you have quite a challenge at hand. Surely, doing this will require a lot of physical effort with a sizable manpower to boot... things that many gardeners and/or horticulturists are not willing to invest on.

The solution?

Mulch blower services abound. In every locality, there should be a mulch blower service ready to serve your needs. They come in two varieties:

1. They can send people to your area, each of their personnel armed with blowing tools, and they'll carry out the spreading of mulch all over your land, leaving not a single inch untouched.

2. They can send a mulch blowing truck, powered by gigantic horsepower, to do the spreading. This truck can cover a wide, wide area in a relatively shorter amount of time.

Mulch blower services are said to be better than the manual option. The reasons?

* Mulches will be evenly spread over the surface of your garden. This is something that the manual approach will find hard to guarantee, since your sight and focus will be limited to a particular area at a given time.

* Mulches will be smoothly spread across the land. They'll look like organic parts of the garden, since no rough areas will be found. You won't have to worry about mounds of mulches forming on one portion of the land.

* The new sheet of mulches will not interfere with any existing landscape design. Since a mulch blower service uses wind as its primary tool, you won't have to disturb already established structures in your garden.

Are these benefits of a mulch blowing system enough to make you take advantage of their offers? Again, it all depends on the size of your garden. Practicality dictates that anything you can do with your own hands, you should do so. After all, superfluous spending is not really pragmatic, when you can achieve the challenge through your own resources.

Consider a mulch blowing service only when you're confronted with a large area to work with, and the service itself charges less expensive rates than the expenses you will incur in hiring your own manpower. Time will play a factor as well. How slow or how fast you need the task to be done will be crucial to the decision you will have to make.

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