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Why Cypress Mulch?
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Ask any gardener what their best strategy is in controlling weed growth and ensuring optimal development for their plants, and chances are, they'll deliver a universal answer: mulching. Mulching is a process of spreading leaves and other organic materials over the grounds of your garden to help the soil retain water as well as other essential nutrients necessary for the healthy growth of your plants. Mulching also eliminates existing weeds and thwarts the growth of weed seeds and weed seedlings.

Of all the varieties of mulches available in the market, Cypress mulch is one of the most popular. Cypress mulch is made from the barks of Cypress trees, quite famous for many reasons. Let's take a look at them.

* Cypress bark is known to be a very durable material. Even if exposed to a variety of environmental factors, Cypress bark will not easily decay. When used as mulch, Cypress bark can serve the gardener for many, many months, which will make a good ROI when purchased.

* Cypress bark is said to release a certain aroma that curtails weed germination. When used as mulch, Cypress bark can efficiently restrict the growth of weeds in the garden.

* Cypress bark is known to be insect-resistant. In the wilds, few pests are observed feeding of Cypress trees. Since mulches will be placed on the ground, and as such, are more susceptible to pest attacks, this quality of the Cypress bark can be put to good use.

* Cypress bark is known to be heavy, hence, when it is used as mulch, it won't be swept away easily by rains or unexpected floods.

Cypress mulch, however, is heavily being criticized for its contribution to the depletion of Cypress trees in the wild. Many people ignore the issue, claiming that the Cypress mulch industry is not big enough to significantly contribute to the said depletion, and most mulch manufacturers make use of the excess products from woodwork businesses instead of chopping down Cypress trees just for the purpose of making them mulches.

Nonetheless, the popularity of mulches made of Cypress bark is continuing to grow, given its beneficial attributes. They are a welcome addition for any garden wishing to rid its premises of weeds and pests, and to keep the soil great and the plants healthy. Do yourself, and your plants, a favor. Try out this type of mulch and experience the difference it can provide.

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