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Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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The growth in Naturopathy over the past half century has resulted in a number of consumers taking interest in the idea of alternative treatment and its various benefits. With a number of natural health schools opening up to produce practitioners in the various fields of naturopathy and the use of the internet to further spread information and practices, naturopathy is quickly becoming a common place in the 21st century. Additionally the number of fields means that there are a wide selection of products and natural health supplements also available to the common consumer.

Natural health supplements are those which donít necessarily require a doctorís prescription, and hence can be taken on a daily basis; however some caution should still be used when taking these regularly as it is still a form of medication. These supplements are meant to improve oneís lifestyle through the use of naturopathic products and are often given in conjunction with the primary treatment. These supplements can range from a variety of products, and are seen as an alternative to conventional medical supplements. Supplements can be for everyone, like everyday vitamin pills or dietary enhancements, which help us, maintain a healthier lifestyle. These supplements are taken by a host of consumers from all walks of life.

Apart from these general supplements more specific herbal medicines are also available. These natural health supplements are similar to conventional medications as they also look to cure the user of an ailment or problem. For example pills for diabetes or sexual stimulants are commonly used by consumers as alternative supplements to those manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, the belief being that these natural supplements contain fewer harmful chemicals and are more acceptable for the body. Certain cosmetic products are also available. Apart from herbal medications, these supplements are found for almost all fields of naturopathy, such as candles for aromatherapy or yoga mats.

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