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Natural Health Labs: What They Do
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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You’ve just made your first visit to a holistic or natural health store. After feasting your eyes on wall after wall of bottles and special labeled foods, you begin to wonder where all that stuff comes from. Well, its simple, they come from natural health labs. There are several different types of natural health labs that produce different types of naturally occurring, often herbal, supplements. The key is that the do not manufacture these medicines, a better way to put it is that they harvest them. They take the naturally occurring substances and put them in a form that the general population can take advantage of.

Natural health labs are scattered throughout the continental United States and often deal directly with health food and holistic medicine stores. They specialize in natural health and well being products for everyone. They produce varies vitamins, multivitamins, herbal blends, acids, minerals, and other natural based creams and pain relieving ointments. As stated before, their primary purpose is to put naturally occurring minerals, acids, and herbs into capsule, liquid, or ointment form. They also seek to provide the highest quality of ingredients with very high control standards.

Another focus of natural health labs is the research and development of new herbs and supplements. They often publish in peer-reviewed scholarly journals, which prove that their research is solid. They also conduct clinical trials to determine the efficacy of the herbs and minerals. They are also heavily involved in educating the general population. They organize forums and speak to professional groups, as well as provide substantial information to practitioners and pharmacists who are interested in holistic and natural medicines. In conclusion, natural health labs provide what you see in your local holistic or natural food stores. They provide the highest of quality in supplements and ointments as well as continuing research and providing education opportunities for the community. Natural health labs are an indispensable cog in the natural health machine!

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