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This list of abbreviations and symbols was a mystery for Neil Shearing of He assumed that others may have been as bewildered as he was, so he published these definitions for his newsletter readers. It is repeated here, with his quote, as a courtesy of his weekly Ezine "Advice + Opportunity"

"I remember the first time I entered a chat  room... Someone wrote LOL, and I didn't  have a *clue* what it meant. I guessed it  was either "laugh out loud" or "hell, oh hell" (meaning I made a terrible mistake)! Thankfully, I found out it meant "laugh out  loud". If you ever wondered what an acronym meant, or which "emoticon (smiley)" was appropriate... take a look at this list..."  ...Neil Shearing

As used in a lot in Chat Rooms, acronyms are also very popular in Forum discussions. Many of the recent forum formats provide a full schedule of animated 'Smiley's". Their use is much more evident than Emoticons and Acronyms, which for many of us are un-defined, un-fathomable, and
un-interesting... until now........Richard (



:)  smile
:-) smile (with a nose)
:o) another smile
:D smile/laughing/big grin
:-| grim face
<g> grin
<vbg> very big grin
<eg> evil grin
<wg> wicked grin
:*  kiss
;) wink
:X my lips are sealed
:P sticking out tongue
{} hug
{{{ }}} lots of hugs
:( crying
:'( frown
O:) angel
':) raising one eyebrow
,:) raising other eyebrow
8^[ stuck up and fed up
}:> devil
{>:- hurt and angry
:-` hint of a smile
:-@ not feeling too great
:-!  used unrepeatable language
<------   referring to yourself 
<~~~ another way of referring to yourself
$) I love money
:-&  tongue-tied
<|:-) witch
:-)x(-: kiss
( '}{' ) boy and girl kissing
8~)  smiley with sunglasses
:o#) man with a moustache
:-)} man with beard
;-( bad hair day
{:-) toupee
":( punk smiley
*<):-) clown



AFK                 Away From Keyboard
ATK                 At the Keyboard
BAK                 Back At Keyboard
BBL                  Be Back Later
BFN or B4N        Bye For Now
BRB                  Be Right Back
BTW                 By The Way
FWIW               For What It's Worth
GMTA               Great Minds Think Alike
IMHO                In My Humble Opinion
IRL                   In Real Life
LOL                  Laughing Out Loud
LTNS                Long Time No See
TTFN                Ta-Ta For Now!
TTYL                Talk To You Later
ROFL                Rolling On the Floor  Laughing
ROTF                Rolling On The Floor (variation)
WB                   Welcome Back
WTG                 Way To Go!
OIC                  Oh I See
BRT                  Be Right There
L8R                   Later
CYA                  See Ya
SWL                 Squeals With Laughter
GTTL                Gone To The Loo
POS                  Parents Over Shoulder
SSTM                Smiling smugly to myself

TRDF                Tears rolling down my face
GTGN                Got To Go Now
CON                 Call Of Nature
TXL                  Thanx Loads

GLB4UGH           Get Lost Before You
                         Get Hurt
WYBMADIITY     Will You Buy Me A
                        Drink If I Tell You?

SS ><)))">        Something Smells Fishy
WI                   With Irony
SI                    Sarcasm Intended
OOO                Out Of Order
IASA                I Am So Annoyed
NOMDB             Not Over My Dead Body

YR                   Yeah Right!
SOMY?             Sick Of Me Yet?
ROE                 Raising One Eyebrow

 Enjoy using them!.....Richard

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