Taking "Roughing It"
              Out Of Family Camping

                     Taking "Roughing It" Out Of Family Camping

   Family camping without rustic hardships may have lost some of the romance experienced by early pioneers, but it also makes the enjoyment of nature more appealing to a broader range of modern families.
   Not too long ago "Roughing It" and "Family Camping" brought the same pictures to mind.

   Going camping in the great outdoors on a family camping trip meant several days of roughing it with few of the amenities of modern living.

   Real "Roughing It" meant sleeping on the ground in blankets and cooking over an open camp fire after carrying everything in a backpack before finding a suitable wilderness location.

   'Everything' may well have included a hiker's tent with poles and stakes, bed roll, snack packs, water bottle or canteen, and much more.

   Not necessarily a fun experience for every family member. Not everyone enjoys being in the outdoors so much that they are happy to put up with these discomforts.

   Today, far from living off the land, a family camping trip can mean driving right to your campsite and living in conditions like a home away from home. Some families prefer traveling in a recreational vehicle or motor home, fully equipped with all the comforts of home.

   Those that prefer family camping in a tent can more comfortably enjoy their weatherproof lightweight cocoon, with built-in floor, zip up doors and windows, even separate compartments for privacy and no inside poles.

   Modern tent designs and fabrics have the strength to withstand a storm without a leak, and they’re much lighter to carry and easier to set up.

   Family tents now usually come complete with hooks and pockets to hang and store things, mesh windows to keep out annoying insects, and other comfort features...

… and campsite cooking is much less likely to be over a camp fire. Not only are there dangers of forest fires in many rustic locations, the convenience of cooking with gas is so much easier.

   Camp food has come a long way from dodging the smoke to broil sausage over the embers on a stick. Meal times at a well equipped family camp can mean gourmet quality cooking.

   What's more, portable refrigerators powered by gas, car batteries or solar power can keep food supplies cool and fresh.


   Camping supply stores now offer an astonishing array of other comforts, from well padded camp beds with storage pockets, to body-hugging camp chairs with built-in drink holders - all lightweight and made with clever compact folding designs.

   Comfortable sleeping bags, with either natural filling like goose down, or advanced artificial materials, ensure a good night's sleep whatever the weather.

   Solar and battery power options have brought the convenience of electricity to camping, and most paid camping grounds offer electric power connections and water at designated tent sites.

   The facilities of home that were automatically given up when camping in earlier days, such as music, televisions and other "essential" gadgets of modern living, are often now a part of wilderness family camping life.

   ”Roughing it” has taken on a new meaning.

   Richard Rossbauer

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