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                  September 14, 2009
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  Here are a few of the more interesting security and Internet safety postings we selected from the many reviewed during the past few days


Top Tips To Stay Secure While Social Networking

It should be no surprise that social networks have become a popular target for online criminals. The features that make social networking so successful – the wide variety of communication channels, the openness of the networks and the thousands, even millions of participants – are powerful lures for spammers and hackers.

In light of this, Cloudmark, (a global leader in messaging security), has outlined tips for consumers for safe social networking. Here are a few highlights of their report:

  • Know Your Friends—Be wary of “friending” people you don’t know and never reciprocate friend requests from complete strangers. .

  • Choose Applications Wisely—New applications can enhance your social networking experience, but unfortunately some are at the expense of your privacy. Read the fine print and pay attention to the information you expose .

  • Don’t Share Personal Contact Information—Do not disclose your mobile phone number on your social networking page, this is an easy way for spammers to send spam, viruses, or fraud attacks to your mobile.

Read the rest of Cloudmark's valuable line-up of Social Networking Safety Tips here


There was one of Cloudmark's bits of advice that is very often overlooked, ignored, and possibly even unrealized by many users of any site where personal information is posted for the public to see -

That personal information never goes away!

Remember, the Internet is Permanent—you don't want to post content that you might be embarrassed about in the future. .

Every comment, update, picture, joke, poke, nudge, smiley that you post will be as permanent as the Internet. Don't rely on your privacy setting - it isn't at all difficult for experienced hackers to get your data if they want it.

Consider what some of your Facebook, Flickr, MySpace and other friends post, for example - they list birthdays, full names, where they work, email addresses, videos, lists of their friends, on and on. Do you think this is a safe practice?

Today, many Personnel Departments screen social media profiles as part of their due diligence for prospective job candidates. If you feel comfortable with any pictures or comments that you posted, and you're searching for a new job, it's probably not something to be concerned about

But it is something to think about.

                News for Facebook members  
While we're talking about Facebook, here's some good news for those of you
if you happen to be using a cellphone or a dial-up connection to access your Facebook homepage or Fun Space.

Facebook has created a pilot Lite version that cuts down on the graphical clutter. At the same time, the company said it would be slowly rolling out the ability to tag friends in status updates, using the "@" symbol, much like Twitter
"Friends you tag in your status updates will receive a notification and a Wall post linking them to your post," wrote Facebook engineer Tom Occhino on the Facebook Blog. "They also will have the option to remove tags of themselves from your posts. "

Mobile usage and advertising is the fastest growing technology today, more so outside of the U.S., and is the dominant device used for social media and trusted networks. "So with the lack of broadband, the overwhelming increase in mobile access, and the general complaints about their competition, Facebook has done it again by streamlining their offering."

My guess is the we can Expect even more advertisements real soon.

(TechNewsWorld posted this Facebook news On 9/11/09)

Do You Remember all the News about Conficker?

We haven't heard much about it lately, but Conficker is back. And this time it comes with a new twist.

According to security specialists BitDefender the worm has returned. They report that the latest Conficker variant has some new tricks up its virtual sleeve, such as not only being able to prevent access to security vendor websites as it always has but adding the installation of rogue security software onto the compromised machine.

The fact that Conficker is blocking access to legit software sites and leaving the door open to fake security solutions is a worrying turn of events.

Conficker worm removal advice in the April-May-June 2009 Archives of the Security Alert Blog Here


(Here's the link to the current Security Alert Blog posts)
Have any Friends who are addicted to the Internet?
The effects of addiction are no joke. They range from loss of a job or marriage to car accidents for those who can't stop texting* while driving.

A Washington Post article reports on an Internet addiction center called ReSTART, opening in Fall City, Washington. They cite an example of one young person who found help. Here's an excerpt -

FALL CITY, Wash. -- Ben Alexander spent nearly every waking minute playing the video game "World of Warcraft." As a result, he flunked out of the University of Iowa.

Alexander, 19, needed help to break an addiction he calls as destructive as alcohol or drugs. He found it in this suburb of high-tech Seattle, where what claims to be the first residential treatment center for Internet addiction in the United States just opened its doors.

Read the rest of the Washington Post Article on Internet Addiction here

*Nothing against texting - so long as the distraction doesn't lead to some serious consequences.

            Pleasant Stuff that I came upon recently

If you Twitter, Tweet, or whatever, you no doubt have picked up a lot of followers, and you may be following your own bunch, or trying to.

I know my Time Line is loaded with so many tweets that I just can't keep up with them - and if I come upon an interesting looking post, unless I've  been involved in the discussion, there's little meaning to that 140 character message. However -

...and this just had to happen. Someone has taken the time, and made the effort to find the funniest and most amusing tweets and publish them in a book titled "Twitter Wit".  Check it out on Amazon, read some of the sample pages - some of those posts are really funny
             Twitter Wit: Brilliance in 140 Characters or Less


Important reminder: Don't be lulled into a false sense of security because there isn't much hyped up news about viruses recently. They are 'out there', but the current threat levels are still fairly low. As I suggested in the last issue, it would be a safe move to prepare yourself and your family for the next big security threat.

In that issue, I listed a couple of resources - both are still available
Get this FREE ecourse on Avoiding Current Security Threats  and
Avoid Identity Theft - FREE 5 part eCourse. Feel free to share with your family members and friends
 And remember, when you come upon a link to a site you've never visited before, DON'T look, CLICK and then think about it - instead

               Look, THINK and then Click

To your safe surfing, and a delightful fun filled Autumn.

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