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A Few Facts about Wild Flower Plants
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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When you are out walking in the countryside and see wild flower plants, you will able to identify them as such because you will know that they grow on their own without being planted by someone. That is what gives them that name. They are also known as native plants; again this means that they are plants that are naturally grown in an area without having to be planted by someone’s hand. In North America alone, there are over twenty thousand kinds of these plants that are part of three hundred different plant families.

Wild flowers can also be grown at home in your garden by buying packets of seeds at your local nursery. These are the same wild flower plants that you see when walking in the wilderness. They have been domesticated so that they can be enjoyed by avid gardeners around the world. There are many different wild flowers that you can grow in your garden. Many people are big fans of these beautiful and colorful plants.

For those who prefer to see wild flower plants in the wild there are many groups that enjoy spending their time walking in areas with these natural flowers and enjoying the beauty of nature. They will categorize what they see. They will photograph what they see, but never will they pick one of nature’s treasures. These naturalists believe that if it is growing there it should not be disturbed.

Many books have been written about these beautiful wild flower plants and if they are of interest to you buying a book or searching the Internet to learn more about them is a worthwhile idea. You may learn where the ones you like best can grow and therefore find out if it is possible to get seeds and grow them yourself. This answer will be based on temperature and precipitation considerations as well as the type of soil you have in your yard. At the very least you will have the opportunity to learn more about the various wild flower plants that you may see when are walking in the wilderness.

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