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How to Grow a Wild Flower Garden
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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A wild flower garden is a fun type of garden for the whole family. On one hand you have a beautiful garden that contains all kinds of different flowers and vivid colors and on the other hand you have an area that your kids can play in without most of the danger of getting cut, bruised or injured by plants with a variety of protective thorns or spines on them. If you are looking to grow a garden in your yard, then a wild flower garden should be your first choice thanks to its ease of maintenance and uncanny ability to make your home look absolutely beautiful.

Growing a wild flower garden is much easier than growing practically any other kinds of flowering plants. Your first step should be to take a trip down to your local garden shop and pick up a large bag of mixed wild flower seeds. While you can purchase individually separated packs, you can really get the best variety of flowers if you buy a mixed bag. Once you get home, all you have to do is cultivate the area where you want to plant your seeds and then strew a good mixture of seeds around on the ground.

Once the wild flower garden is planted, mix up the dirt a little bit more so that the seeds are the proper depth in the soil and then pat everything down firmly. Add the required amount of water and then wait a few weeks for the wild flower garden to begin to sprout. Be sure to water as needed and in less than a couple of months, your flower garden will be totally up and running and looking incredibly beautiful. You simply cannot beat a wild flower garden for its ease of growth, beautiful colors and stylish appeal.

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