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Identifying American Wildflowers
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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American wildflowers are most easily identified first by their colors and then by their shape. The most common colors are yellow, white, orange to red colors, maroon, blue and pink of which there are many more than most people imagine. What makes it hard to categorize some of the flowers that are seen in the wild is that the colorings can be so subtle that it is difficult to recognize the right color when first looking at the flower. This can make identifying trickier, since most books on American wildflowers are set up in sections on individual colors. Sometimes it means picking a color and when you cannot find the flower you are looking for choosing another color it might be until you find the right one.

It is only once you have decided on the right color that you can search based on petal shape. Fortunately, if you are using a book to help identify the flowers you are looking at, they will have photographs to show you which one is which. This is a very useful tool. Many people love to walk in the countryside or the wilderness and take photographs of the beautiful American wildflowers that they see. They understand that it is better to take pictures of them than to pick them.

Some of the American wildflowers that are seen most often include the Ox Eyed Daisy, and itís near twin the Frost Aster. These two flowers look very much alike with a yellow center and white petals but, the Frost Aster has far fewer petals then the daisy does. These two are often called daisies by those who do not see the differences. The New England Aster has the same middle as its cousin the Frost Aster but has many purple petals instead of white ones. The Black Eyed Susan is another flower that looks similar. It has a dark center with many yellow petals. Red clover, which actually has a purple flower, is another of the most common American wildflowers you will see.

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