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What Makes Texas Wildflowers So Unique
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Texas is known for its climate that is highly desirable for the growth of some of the most beautifully impressive Texas wildflowers in the world. With its mixture of hot and dry days with a helpful rainy season that can provide much needed moisture to blooming wildflowers, Texas is the perfect climate for people who want to grow some of the most beautiful wildflowers known to man. In fact, Texas wildflowers are so well known and beautiful that there are several books and field guides published about them, making them some of the world’s most loved plants.

Even if you do not live in Texas though, you can still take advantage of the beauty of Texas wildflowers right in your backyard. As long as your neck of the woods has a climate that is roughly similar to that of Texas, you should be able to grow any wildflowers that grow in the Lone Star State. As with any wildflowers, when it comes to Texas wildflowers you have the choice between purchasing either a mixed bag of seeds for an excellent price or you can buy individual packets of seeds which have been sorted by plant type.

If you decide to go the way of purchasing individual seed packets, you should be sure to pick up a couple of different kinds of flowers that have made Texas wildflowers so synonymous with beauty and vivaciousness. The Drummond Phlox should be your first choice, as its beautiful red hues make it the essential flower for anyone who wants to have Texas flowers in their yard. On the other side of the color spectrum, if you want your home to have a complete collection of Texas wildflowers, there is one plant that you certainly cannot forget to include – the Texas Bluebonnet. With its muted hues and unique looking flowers, the Bluebonnet is the best of the Texas varieties and should be included in anyone’s garden.

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