Sporting Adventure on a Lake Tahoe Vacation

Aside from just being a serene and natural environment, sporting adventure in a lake tahoe vacation is as challenging as any world-class sporting destination.

Considering that much of the area surrounding Lake Tahoe area is devoted to the tourism industry, there are a lot of fine restaurants, camping lodges and, of course, ski slopes and water sport venues.

During the ski season, thousands of people flock to Lake Tahoe from all over Nevada and California, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.

The ski slopes overlooking Lake Tahoe offer some of the best skiing spots in the world.

Aside from its panoramic beauty and breathtaking scenery, Lake Tahoe, is well known for its snow blizzards, responsible for making humanly challenging ski paths and snow obstacles for the sport of skiing.

Among the major ski areas in Tahoe include the Heavenly Mountain Resort, which is the largest ski area in California and Nevada, located near Stateline.

Another one is Squaw Valley, which is the second largest ski area in the Tahoe area, known for its hosting of the 1960 Winter Olympics and is located near Tahoe City

The Alpine Meadows is a medium- sized ski area located on the north shore a few miles away from Squaw Valley.

Thereís also Diamond Peak, a small ski area located at Incline Village, Nevada.

For novice, amateur and pre-professional skiers, there is the Northstar at Tahoe, which a popular north shore ski area.

Another one is the Kirkwood Mountain Resort, a south shore ski area, known for getting more snow than any other ski area in Tahoe.

Among the other very challenging ski spots, thereís the Sierra-at-Tahoe, a small south shore ski area.

At Donner Pass you can find the Boreal Mountain Resort, a small ski area, the medium-sized Sugar Bowl Ski Resort and the Donner Ski Ranch, a very small ski area for those seeking a more secluded ski practice.

Among the other medium-sized ski resorts to choose from are Homewood Ski Resort, at the west shore, Mount Rose Ski Resort at the north-east area of the lake on Slide Mountain.
Majority of the ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe region are found on the northern end of the lake, near Truckee, California and Reno, Nevada.

Also scattered all throughout Tahoe are public and private sled parks, which are are equipped with tow ropes that help sledders climb up the hills.

There are also ski areas around Tahoe that have snow tubing, a popular adventure among people who interested in alternative sports.

There are a lot of snow trails around Lake Tahoe that cater to cross-country skiing, snowmobile riding, and snowshoeing.

Lake Tahoe is ripe for water sports and beach activities during late Spring to early Fall.

The two cities most identified with the Lake Tahoe tourist area are South Lake Tahoe, California and the smaller Stateline; smaller centers on the northern shoreline that include Tahoe City and Kings Beach.

Boating is a primary activity in the Tahoe during summer. There are lake front restaurants all over the lake, mostly equipped with docks and buoys.

Among the most popular boating events in Lake Tahoe include sailboat racing, firework shows over the lake, guided cruises, and whole lot more.

As an interstate waterway, Lake Tahoe is also traversed and secured by the United States Coast Guard, since it is the home to the Coast Guard Station.

Scuba diving is one of the most popular underwater adventure at Lake Tahoe, since dive sites offer one of the worldís best dramatic drop-offs or wall dives.

Diving at Lake Tahoe is considered advanced due to the increased risk of decompression sickness while diving at such a high altitude, so caution is necessary when engaging in such an activity.

So why not try a sporting adventure in a Lake Tahoe vacation, itís really worth it.



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