Yoga: Stress Management From The Hindus

A lot of people turn to Yoga for several reasons, whether to cope with life’s ups and downs, enjoyment, or stress management. Yoga is a very good practice to relieve your stress. It offers relaxation, proper breathing exercises, and different kinds of positions for flexibility.

The techniques and practices of Yoga can help in relieving the physical and psychological negative effects from stress. Yoga can cause positive effect to the nervous system and aid in lowering blood pressure and heartbeat.

Knowing The Enemy And Understanding The Body

Before starting to practice Yoga, you must first be aware of the stressful stimuli to determine what you are fighting. Understanding the enemy is a vital factor in combat and in understanding the factors that caused your stress can aid you decide on how it needs to be engaged.

Yoga enables and allows you to control the natural and instant reactions to the cause of stress. This will soon lead to a situation wherein no matter what challenges you encounter; you will be able to remain calm, composed and be capable of battling the situation with a level head.

The practice of yoga includes different body postures, slow stretching movements, and breathing exercises that can lead to relaxation and deep contemplation. These techniques are designed for the purpose of higher awareness of what is happening to you when you are stressed. You can develop a deeper understanding of the body by paying attention to each and every part.

Who, Where, What And How

Even children experience stress but it is not advisable to introduce children younger than 7 or 8 to yoga. Bodies of young children are still developing and they should never be forced to yoga as it can damage their spine and other joints. There is also no upper age limit and you can never be too old to learn yoga.

Yoga practices can be done anywhere. Beginners are advised to attend as much classes as possible to benefit advice from teachers. There are several gyms that offer yoga practices. Although if you think you are ready to do basic yoga practices at home, you must first gather some of the basic equipments to do so.

Yoga mats provide cushioning and traction. Many of these mats are made from synthetic materials, although there are natural rubber mats available. Yoga mats can cost as little as $20 and it is nice to have one since mats offered from some yoga studios can get a bit dirty.

Another versatile yoga prop is the yoga blanket, which can be sat upon to elevate hips above the knees in seated positions and can keep you warm during last relaxation. The yoga blocks are great for standing poses in which one hand is on the floor.

The yoga straps, also called yoga belts are helpful for bound postures if your hands cannot reach each other. They are also useful for positions that require you to cling onto your feet but cannot grasp them.

Additionally, you can learn yoga poses from videos and DVDs available for purchase.

Yoga Compared With Other Stress Reduction Methods

Compared to other stress reduction methods, like taking pills or herbs, yoga requires commitment and effort. Yoga combines several techniques used for stress reduction. The practice of yoga can be said to give the combined benefits of breathing and stretching exercises, fitness regimen, meditation, and directed imagery in a single technique.

But if you think you are one of those with great physical restrictions, simple meditation, breathing work outs and directed imagery might be a more preferable alternative but can still provide the same benefits.

Yoga techniques work at an individual and collective level to endure that there is significant relief from the condition of extreme stress.



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