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"Your Unique Selling Point"

Your Unique Selling Point!
What makes you different from all of the rest?

So you've figured it out. To make money on the Internet, and retire on profits, you need to be selling something.

Of course, you could be "reselling" something, but then you're not in control, the person who you are reselling *for* is in control and what if they go bankrupt?

 ..then you can kiss your early retirement goodbye and go back to the
"old 9 to 5 job".

OK, say you have a great product. It gleams, it glistens, it does everything it's supposed to and you think it's the best wigit since sliced bread.

So why is no-one buying it? What are you missing?

Maybe you need a USP, a Unique Selling Point. Take a look at these examples...

Example 1:

 In the depths of the housing market depression of the early '90's it was very difficult to sell your house. There were very few buyers because interest rates were very high and so money to buy houses was scarce.

People who had houses to sell were frantic. For one reason or another, they had to move, but couldn't find buyers. The problem was particularly acute at the top end of the market, the expensive houses.

One couple trying to sell their house knew they had to do something different, something to distinguish their beautiful four-bedroom house from all the others on the market.

"Free BMW with house sale"!

No-one had tried this tactic before, and it worked like a charm. The couple were inundated with calls and visits. Local and national papers ran the story and the house sold within the week.

Example 2:

Everyone has seen those little eye-holes in the front doors of houses, right…the ones that let you see if it's the postman or a burglar. I once read of someone who had a warehouse full of these "eye holes" and couldn't sell them to save his life.

Then, one day, he realized that if he changed the advert, he could  sell hundreds easily...

"Super Spy Lets You See Through Fences"

By repositioning the product he sold thousands of "Super Spy's"! Both of the above examples illustrate the point that unless your product is totally unique and has the whole market to itself, you must find a way to differentiate it from its competitors, you must find a...

                                         "Unique Selling Point"

To show you I practice what I preach, the "Internet Success Blueprint" is the *only* Internet Marketing product I know of that offers customers free upgrades for life. The free upgrades offer updated information which will not be available if you by a "big book on Internet Marketing" from Joe Schmo who wrote it in 1996.

What use is 1996-info when the Internet moves faster than any other industry? Other Internet Marketers will sell you regular updates via access to their website, but you will have to be a member and pay for the service yearly (if not monthly).

So the USP of the "Internet Success Blueprint" is that the customer receives free upgrades containing new and revised information, continually keeping the product fresh and the information relevant.

If you sell a product, online or in the real world, make sure it has a USP. Also, make sure the customer knows the USP! It could be the difference between a successful business, or a bust.

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