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    For anyone who's looking to get into travel writing, it's important to have had some experience in traveling. It is essential. This is where a writer obtains the materials that will become the stories that will end up on paper.  

   Get acquainted with the road and its demands. It's advisable for future travel writers to immerse themselves into different cultures. Whenever traveling abroad, absorb the local scene. If possible, try to experience more than the regular tourist route.

    Get to know the people and learn from their customs
. Try to pick up something that is original to that region. Capture the essence of the place.

   This way, there'll be plenty to write about when it's time to pick up the pen.

   When not traveling, read up on the business of travel writing! Read travelogues, brochures, road books, travel magazines, etc. This is a way travel writers can get more acquainted with the trade.

   Very few writers make a living out of writing alone, so it's important to have something to fall back on in case the writing gig doesn't work. Writers have to be practical when it comes to their expectations. A writing career doesn't happen over night. Sometimes, it takes years for a writer to get some type of recognition.

   Don't use this as an excuse to give up though. Aspiring travel writers should continuously send their work out. Even if they get rejection letter after rejection letter. Don't take this personally. Editors are very specific about the type of work they accept.

   Sharing interesting and exciting travel experiences has the potential to create extra income when your work is published.

   That's why it's important to study the market before sending out your work. Evaluate the market. Find out exactly what each magazine, e-zine, newspaper, etc, is after. This will increase the chances of getting published.

   Remember, just because someone is writing about traveling, doesn't mean that they can get away with bad writing! Make sure the quality of work that is being produced is up to standard.

RichardPresents.com Information writing mentor   The best way to achieve this standard is to keep on writing. Even if not on assignment in some exotic country, you can still do a lot of quality writing at home. Even if the writing that is being done doesn't pertain to traveling. The important thing is to write, write, and write.

   Experiment with tones, perspectives, and different styles of writing. This way when called to duty, you'll be able to easily unleash your magic with a drop of a hat, and dazzle the editors with your brilliance!

    After writing your first few articles you'll find it wasn't as daunting as it first appeared. And it can become a rewarding and fun filled experience - especially after submitting your articles to the popular directories and reading them as they are picked up and republished on other websites. (Google will find them for you).

    Use this collection of advice and ideas for your Tools to build a Personal Library of outstanding articles that can lead to improving your presence on the web, popular blog posts, content for your websites, even making some money for your work

    And as we said,  Sharing interesting and exciting travel experiences has the potential to create extra income when your work is published.


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