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  Things You Can't Do Without When Traveling

When you go on a trip either for business or for pleasure, you want it to be a memorable and enjoyable experience. To help enjoy the trip, here are a few tips you must always keep in mind, travel “must haves” that travelers must never leave home without.

1. Itinerary

Prepare and plan on paper the places one will visit and then make the necessary arrangements in advance to make the trip a memorable one.
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2. Essentials.

Personal things such as the ticket, passport, toothbrush, clean underwear and money nearby preferably for easy accessibility.

3. Clothes

By checking the weather forecast for the trip, you'll be able to take the right clothes for the trip. Preferably clothes that can be used for various occasions. And those that do not run and can be
easily washed.

4. Shoes

Given that traveling will require a lot of walking, you should wear a good pair of comfortable shoes that wont strain the feet.

5. Medication

One should always take insect repellant. If you are under medication, take enough medicine for the entire trip.

6. Locks and keys.

For personal protection, make sure the luggage you'll be using for the trip have locks and keys and spares hidden in case your key gets lost.

7. Extra Bag

Take an extra bag which can be used as a day bag while going around and the same time, it can be used for carrying home some of those souvenirs hat are bound to be collected.
8. Map

Obtain a map to become familiar with the destination where you're traveling and to help avoiding getting lost. Many plastic coated and laminated City Maps are available at the major book stores. They're perfect if you are trying to find your way in a strange city on a rainy day.

9. Insurance

If you would prefer to drive instead of taking the public transportation, it is advisable to get insurance for the rental vehicle. Review this with your own automobile insurance carrier before you leave. There may be some options on the car rental lease you won't have to purchase.
Before leaving the rental company, check the car for any damage before accepting the unit and if there is damage, insist that the rental company take note of it before leaving the lot.

10. Label

Given the many instances of passengers inadvertently taking the luggage of another passenger, label the inside and outside of the luggage. It's advisable to only write the name and not the address. In any case if the luggage is lost, leave the address only with the transportation carrier you are using.

11. You don't always need to leave your Small Pets home.
Spencer, The Ambassador of Small Dogs, will show you step-by-step how to stop the hassle of pet travel with insider tips you've never heard before.

Have a pleasant trip!


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