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   Five Things You Must Do when Traveling with Older Parents

Traveling with your older parents or senior adults can be a wonderful experience.

Good advance planning is very important.

Here are five tips on things you must do to ensure that you and your parents will have a great vacation.

1. Plan an itinerary that is not too fast paced.

Older folks tend to get tired easily and thus it is not advisable to
include activities that are too strenuous. It is also not advisable to
pack too many activities in the itinerary such that you and your
parents have to rush from one place to another.

2. Have ample supply of their medication

If your parents are suffering from diabetes, asthma, hypertension, high cholesterol or any other illness, make sure you obtain ample supply of medication from their doctors to last for the whole trip.

To ensure that you remember to bring the medication, create a checklist of things to bring and put their medication among the top five items on that list. As a safety precaution, ask them to carry a medical record of their illness and contact details in case you are not around when they need medical attention.

3. Ensure that everyone has enough sleep

Plan to have at least six to eight hours of sleep for you and your
parents for each day of your vacation. Try to avoid having any more activities after 11 p.m. Prepare some hot water for your parents to soak their legs before bed time if there is a fair amount of walking in the day.

4. Healthy diet

Most old people do not take heavy meals and thus you need to plan for multiple light and healthy meals that are low on salts, oil and sugars but high in fiber. Always have a sandwich or high fiber biscuits in your bag in case they get hungry and there isn't a snack bar in the vicinity.

Also make sure that you and your parents drink a lot of water to prevent dehydration.

5. Take along a first aid travel pack.

Your first aid travel pack should contain medication for fever and diarrhea, cold symptoms and giddiness. It should also include a thermometer, tweezers, sharp scissors, safety pins, adhesive bandages, sterile gauze, adhesive tape and antiseptic wipes.

While this list is not exhaustive, the stocks in the travel pack should be enough to handle most conditions that require general first aid assistance. Do check the expiry date for those medications that you pack to ensure that they are safe for consumption.

Traveling with your older parents need not be a hassle as long as you plan ahead and take care of their needs.

Involve them in all the activities along the way. Good planning is sure to make it a fun filled family experience!


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